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Term Description
Abandoned The project and/or bid has been canceled and is not expected to resume or rebid.
Addendum Changes to drawings and spec books after they’ve been released for bidding. Single is Addendum; plural is Addenda.
Additional Markup In Quick Bid, Additional Markups refer to costs that are not directly associated with Materials or Labor. Often called "Markups" in the construction industry, these can be things such as permits, site insurance, and bonds.
AEC The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry.
Alternate A portion of a bid that is separate from the base bid or an option to the base bid. It can be an "add alternate" or a "deduct alternate". It can then be decided whether or not to include the alternate in the final project. Example - Add alternate to include a balcony on the building.
Annotation A markup on a drawing such as a textbox, clouding, a line or arrow, or highlighting that wouldn't affect the Quantity Survey.
Backout n. a portion of an area takeoff that is removed (erased, or 'backed out') and removed from the takeoff result n. with "Mode", the tool used to draw backouts v. the act of drawing a backout to remove some portion of an area takeoff object.
Bid Date/Bid Time The due date and time set by the owner for receiving bids.
Bid, Bids Projects, Estimates, or Jobs that are being taken off and priced.
Bidding Documents Every document, plan, spec sheet, published for a project for the purpose of creating an estimate.

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