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Term Description
Tax Cost added to Material expenses for local sales tax.
Typical Areas Repeating regions of takeoff that the program multiplies out so the user only has to draw the takeoff once.
Typical Groups A selected portion of takeoff that can be placed (marked) on the plans with one click rather than drawing all the takeoff objects separately. Sort of like a souped-up copy and paste, but all marked takeoff objects are linked back to the Typical Group so the user can make a change to the Typical Group and affect the takeoff wherever a marker was placed.
Typical Takeoff A way of speeding up the takeoff process by reusing or repeating something so the user only has to draw the takeoff once. See Typical Areas, Typical Groups, and Repeating Pages.
Unit Price Contract, Unit Pricing An estimate or contract based on the cost for completing some measurement of work (for example, for every square foot of flooring installed, the subcontractor is paid X).
Wage Type The overarching category of wages used in a bid. Quick Bid ships with three: Union, Open, and Sub. Different wage types allow the estimator to apply different burdens depending on who is performing the labor on a project.
WBS Work Breakdown Structure. The method applied for grouping like job costs, for example, CSI Master Format or Uniformat.

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