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Term Description
Burden Additional costs added to Labor expenses to account for insurance, union, servicing, or other labor-related markup expenses.
Change Order A change to a project after the contract has been agreed upon.
Condition A building component, such as a specific type of wall, floor, window, door, etc. that is measured and then costs applied for a Proposal or Estimate. Each Condition represents a unique building object, so if you were measuring 8' and 10' walls, you would need two Conditions.
Context Menu The small menu that displays when you right-click (or for left-handed users, alternate-click) on an object or screen. It is called a Context Menu because its options are contextual, they are relevant to whatever object on which the right-click occured. They are often called the "Right-click menu", but that sort of alienates left-handed users.
Continuous adverb. to draw connected linear objects by clicking once at each junction, and then double-clicking to end the takeoff object. n. with Mode, the tool that allows drawing connected linear objects easily.
Cost Codes An alpha-number code used to identify and rollup costs in a project. Typically, somehow sync'ed to an organization's Accounting system.
Cover Sheet Every project, in every On Center Software product, includes a Cover Sheet that provides overarching information related to a project, such as site location, estimator, the project name, etc.
CSI Construction Specification Institute
CSI Codes (CSI Master Format) A system of numbers and titles for organizing construction information into a standard order or sequence. (Also called Divisions and Sections)
Current Set Takeoff term indicate the set of plans created by using the most current version of each plan/drawing available. Often, the Current Set will include plans from multiple Plan Sets as not every Plan Set includes a version or revision of each plan.

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