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Term Description
Named View A region on plan you define to make it easier to view when performing takeoff. For instance, many people create Named Views for each plan Detail, this way, they can open those by clicking a "Hotlink" for quick reference.
Overlay A utility that allows a user performing takeoff to compare revisions. Overlay indicates objects that are New (blue) and Objects that were deleted (red) so the user can identify and takeoff changes quickly.
Owner The entity that owns the construction project (owns the property and building).
Plan Plan, Image, Drawing, Sheet - the visual representation of an architectural drawing on-screen for the purpose of viewing or measuring.
Plan Organizer A utility that allows an Oasis Takeoff user to organize different revisions to a project's construction drawings. The Plan Organizer loads each revision individually, and then the user can match-up plans that are revisions of earlier plans so he or she can compare those revisions within the program using Overlay.
Plan Set An entire set of drawings for a building project. Many projects include several Plan Sets, referred to as Issues or Revisions. Each change to scope typically includes a new Plan Set. Sometimes, Plan Sets are issued for milestones such as "Schematic Set", or "50% Design Set", so an estimator and owner can get started on a project, before the final Plans are completed.
Pre-qualification An initial investigation into the appropriateness of a resource.
Project Oasis Takeoff - A project is sort of a Container that holds Bids. Changes made to the Project affect all bids with the project. OST/QB - A Project is another term for a Bid, Estimate, or Job. One Project does not affect another project in OST/QB.
Project Express Project Express is On Center's custom file sharing utility, built into OST and DPC, this product allows users to share projects with other OST/DPC users and facilitates the transfer of DPC projects updates between the field and office.
Proposal A written estimate of costs from a bidder to the owner or general contractor, in an aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly form. also known as "quotation"

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