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OST - 01.03.08 Plan, Sheet, Drawing, or Page? Terms Explained

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Before we go any further...

Plan, Sheet, Drawing, or Page?

Before we go any further, we should explain that sometimes, the terms Drawing, Plan, Image, and Page are used interchangeably. This is not the end of the world, but let us clarify a few things, in On-Screen Takeoff:

  • Page - this is an electronic "container" of sorts, accessed on the Image Tab where an electronic representation of a Plan (a construction sheet, drawing, or plan) is displayed. The Page contains the Plan (and an Overlay, if you've added one), all the takeoff objects you draw, and all Annotations (drawing markups such as Dimension Lines, Named Views, Clouding, Text, etc.).
    • Page Title is the title of that Plan based on the Title Block of the plan/sheet/drawing itself such as "2nd Floor Plan" or "1st Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan" or "Mechanicals Details Plan". You can rename your pages on the Cover Sheet or by right-clicking in the Image Window.
    • Page No. is assigned sequentially when you load plans (drawings) on the Cover Sheet, however we encourage you to change this to match the plan/sheet/drawing's Title Block based on industry norms such as "A" for Architecture, "C" for Civil, "L" for Landscape, etc., followed by some additional sheet designation (A2.31; M210, etc.). By default, on the Image Tab, the Page Navigator shows the Page Number next to the Page Name in the drop-down. You can turn this off in Tools > Options.
    • Page Index No. is based on a Page's current position in the Pages grid on the Cover Sheet. By default, on the Image Tab, the Page Navigator shows the Page Index Number in the drop-down. You can turn this off in Tools > Options.
  • Plan - this is a single drawing or sheet from a set of construction documents (which we call a "plan set") and what is displayed on the Image Tab when you navigate to a Page. The Plan is what is shown in the Image Window on the Image Tab (for all intents and purposes, let's consider a Plan a blueprint...)
  • Drawings or Image Files - these are the actual files (PDFs, TIFS, etc.) to which On-Screen Takeoff is 'linked'.

We recommend taking some time and organizing and collating your Pages before you start taking off a project. This way, the Pages are in a logical order and you can navigate them more smoothly and efficiently. They'll also have much more user-friendly names.

On-Screen Takeoff 3.98.10.xx and newer include our all-new Auto Name tool that can rename your entire plan set in minutes. Check out Use Auto Name for details.


We typically do not use the term "drawing" when referring to the Page/Plan/Sheet. When referring to a blueprint and takeoff/markups represented on-screen in the Image Window, we use the term "Page" - drawing is what you do with a Condition (you draw takeoff) and the actual file, stored on your computer, that is the underlying image on the Image Tab (the drawing file... or image file, typically a PDF or a TIF). 

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