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What can you do if you are not receiving e-mails from On Center or ConstructConnect?

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Common Issues

  • You are not receiving fulfillment e-mails from Customer Service (purchases).
  • You do not receive update e-mails On Center Software or ConstructConnect sends regarding new versions.
  • You completed the online PlanViewer/trial form several times and still have not received the download e-mail.
  • You do not receive notification of sent/received Quick Bid eQuotes or your vendor states they are not receiving Quick Bid eQuote requests.
  • You do not receive bid packages sent via e-mail.
  • You are not receiving case notifications when you open a case with Support or when a Case is updated or closed.

Possible Causes

  • The e-mail(s) may be going to either the Bulk Mail or Junk Mail folder or may be blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or corporate spam filter. First, start with your e-mail application’s Bulk Mail or Junk Mail folders.
  • Sometimes, e-mails with certain attachments may be blocked by your e-mail provider the e-mail may have been identified as Spam or Junk.
  • Your e-mail provider may have blocked the e-mail due to the large volume of e-mails On Center Software and ConstructConnect send out.
  • You may have typed an e-mail address incorrectly.

Possible Resolutions

  • If you find the "missing" message in your personal junk mail folder, add On Center Software (oncenter.com), ConstructConnect (constructconnect.com), or any other domain (equotes.com, etc.) as a SAFE sender. Oftentimes, you can select a message and click something like "Mark as Not Junk" or "Trust Sender" or "Add Sender to Safe List". 
  • If the e-mail is not found, contact your IT department or e-mail provider – your company or e-mail provider may be blocking our e-mails before your e-mail application ever sees them. Ensure your e-mail provider adds oncenter.com and constructconnect.com (and any other affected domains) as a safe domain (white list the domains).
  • Contact us to ensure your e-mail address is correct in our system.
  • Check your e-mail address in you Quick Bid "Contact" and your vendor's e-mail in its "Supplier" Contact record to make sure they are correct.

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