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OST - 06.02.09 - Rerunning Boost on a Page

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Re-running Takeoff Boost will not produce different Results.

Notice in the example below, we moved all the Takeoff Boost Conditions out of the "Boost" folder and re-ran Takeoff Boost, the results are exactly the same.

OST Conditions Window showing rerunning Takeoff Boost produces the exact same results

Resurrecting Takeoff Boost Conditions or takeoff.

If you have deleted some Boost takeoff or Conditions and you later realize you need after all, open the Cover Sheet of the Bid, duplicate the Page on which you want to re-run Takeoff Boost, delete all the takeoff on the duplicate page, and then re-run Takeoff Boost. Takeoff Boost brings back all its Conditions and takeoff, exactly like the original. From there, you can copy/paste to the original Page and then delete this Page. See Related Articles for Advanced Plan Organization details.

Running Takeoff Boost on a Page with existing Takeoff Boost takeoff

If you attempt to run Takeoff Boost on a Page on which you've already run it (and have not moved the Takeoff Boost Conditions out of the "Boost" folder), the following warning displays:

Boost already run warning

There are a few things to understand about re-running Boost:

  • If you have not moved the Boost Conditions out of the Boost folder, and there is still takeoff associated with those Conditions on this Page, you must delete that takeoff before you can run Takeoff Boost.
    • We do not recommend deleting Boost Conditions because you may have takeoff associated with them on other Pages in the Bid.
  • Running Takeoff Boost on this Page does not affect other Pages except it re-creates any Boost Conditions you previously deleted that are required on this Page.
    • If you have renamed Boost Conditions or deleted them, they will be re-added to the Project, but only this Page will have new Boost takeoff on it.
  • If you name a Condition "Boost Footprint Area", "Boost Gross Area", "Boost Net Area", or any possible Boost result, and draw takeoff with it on the current Page, you must delete that takeoff or rename the Condition(s) first.
  • If you move the Boost Conditions out of the Takeoff Boost folder, you still must delete any takeoff on this Page associated with those Conditions to re-run Takeoff Boost.
    • The folder location of the Boost Conditions does not affect Takeoff Boost identifying them, it's the name of the Condition that matters.
  • If you have gone through the process of renaming Conditions and reassigning takeoff and re-run Takeoff Boost, you very possibly will duplicate takeoff.

If you have reassigned and/or renamed Conditions/takeoff on this Page (so that there is no takeoff associated with any "Boost" named Condition,) you can proceed with re-running Takeoff Boost.

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