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DPC - 05.01 Tracking Production (Percent Complete and Labor Used)

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There are two things you will need to tell DPC for the program to help you track your productivity:

  • How complete the job is - we call that "percenting"
  • How much labor (hours) it took to get to that percent complete (the labor used) - tracked on the Timecard Tab

DPC takes the information you enter to calculate how close to "Budget" you are. 

Remember, DPC uses color-coding to help you quickly identify how your project is progressing and which (if any) Labor Cost Codes are meeting production or falling behind:

IconColor CodeWhat it means...
Blue Percenting not started - no percenting has been set, no time has been entered against this LCC
GreenOn Budget - the labor (time) you've used is meeting projections, based on the original estimate
Orange Over budget by less than 5% - the labor used to complete the percent complete is within 0% and 5% greater than expected
Red Over budget by over 5% - the labor used to complete the percent complete is within over 5% greater than expected

A little about Labor Cost Codes...

DPC uses the Labor Cost Codes from the Condition Details as priced in Quick Bid to track labor activity. Ensuring that you use well-defined Labor Cost Codes is important to accurately track labor. Labor Cost Codes can be tied to specific individuals or to specific work actions. This lets the Foreman and Project Manager see who is doing what, when they are doing it, and how efficiently they are doing the task. This information lets you dial in your crews. For instance, if you see that John is more efficient hanging drywall than he is building walls, you can assign him to hanging drywall when possible. The ability to "dial-in" your crew to maximize efficiency based on their strengths underscores the need to do accurate daily percenting.

Percenting tracks labor activity. It gives you real-time information, which allows you to recognize how close the job is to budget and completion. To percent a job in DPC select the Image Tab and go to the page that reflects where the work was performed. (This is why we recommend Collating pages to make percenting a job a lot easier, see Related articles for details.)

We will start with percenting in the next article. We cover timekeeping later in this section, see Related articles if you cannot wait.

Sending and Receiving Without Project ExpressThe Basics of "Percenting"

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