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OST - 17.01 What is Project Express and What Can I Do With It?

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Project Express provides On-Screen Takeoff (and Digital Production Control) users, who maintain a Maintenance Subscription with On Center Software, a file management and sharing utility that lets you send and receive Bids, to and from other On-Screen Takeoff (or DPC) users, right from within the product, without the size or attachment restrictions encountered when sending files via e-mail.


Project Express is only accessible to users under a current maintenance subscription. To renew your maintenance, contact your Customer Success Manager.

How it works

  • You send a file through Project Express using the Send button in the main toolbar. This walks you through the process of creating a Bid Package (covered in previous articles) and then provides a message box where you can enter sender information and a short message for the recipient. 
  • To receive files, whether they be new bids or updates to existing bids, through Project Express, you open the Project Express Tab, and just double-click the file(s) in your Inbox. 

Why Use Project Express?

Project Express makes it easy to send and receive project updates right from within On-Screen Takeoff.

You are not limited by e-mail size restrictions. Most e-mail clients and providers restrict the size of a message, some to less than 10MB. If you're trying to send a bid package that includes 100 plans, the file may be 100MB or larger!

You can store your contacts right in your OST database - then it's a matter of just selecting the appropriate recipient when you want to share a file.

When you receive an update to a project you previously sent, it updates your project (it actually overwrites it, so you have to be somewhat careful to avoid losing changes).

The recipient doesn't have to be concerned about the size of an e-mail attachment or an attachment being marked as "Junk" or "Suspicious" - you are just sending them a link.

Project Express is free, convenient, and couldn't be easier to use.

What do you need to use Project Express?

  • You must be using Windows 10 (see OST 3.98 - 01.01 System Requirements and Installation Instructions).
  • You must be using the current version of On-Screen Takeoff/Digital Production Control (see On-Screen Takeoff® Product Information and Downloads - OST DPC.
  • You must have a valid license for TKO, Digital Production Control (DPM), or DPC-Foreman activated.
  • You must maintain an active Maintenance Subscription with On Center Software. Each time you send files via Project Express, refresh your Inbox or Outbox, or refresh the Account Information dialog, your Maintenance Subscription is checked. If your Maintenance Subscription with On Center Software lapses, you may continue to use Project Express for 60 days, after that however, you must renew your Maintenance Subscription to continue using Project Express. Contact our Renewals Team at 866-426-2447 to renew your Maintenance Subscription.
  • You must have an active Internet connection.
  • You must have a valid e-mail address to register for Project Express. Although projects are not sent through e-mail, Project Express uses your e-mail address to validate your identity, as your login name, and to send notifications.

Do You Already Have a Project Express Account?

Before you can send and receive files through Project Express, you'll have to register for an account.

If you have already registered and just need to sign into a new computer skip ahead to Signing into an Existing Project Express Account.

Importing iSqFt Assemblies The Project Express Tab Overview and Context Menu

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