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OST - 06.08 Negative Takeoff

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You can mark takeoff objects as "negative" meaning that instead of adding to cumulative results, they subtract from them. This is handy when creating Alternates and Change Orders and you copy/paste takeoff from the original bid and want to deduct it from the overall (cumulative) takeoff totals.

There are two ways of designating takeoff as 'negative':

  • Using a "Negative Zone" - all takeoff inside a negative Zone is considered negative.
  • Using the Context Menu to set one or more takeoff objects to negative.

When a takeoff object has been set to "Negative", it is shown with a negative sign .


It is important to understand how a Negative takeoff object affects Condition totals. Setting a takeoff object (or objects) as "Negative" is not the same as deleting an object.


If you draw 10 of the same Count takeoff objects on your plan, and then set one of them to negative, the cumulative result is "8" objects.

The object(s) set to "Negative" does not first increase the total and then reduce it, that negative takeoff object only reduces the cumulative quantity. So in the above screen shot, there are nine (9) Positive objects and one (1) Negative object (9-1=8). Effectively, the one negative object cancels out one of the positive objects.

If you simply want to reduce your takeoff count by "1", delete one of the takeoff objects you've drawn.

 Drawing AttachmentsEntering Condition Quantities Directly on the Worksheet Tab 

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