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OST - 01.03.05 How to Enter Values into Measurement Boxes

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When you are presented with a measurement box, you need to tell On-Screen Takeoff some information so it can properly calculate takeoff quantities.  For example, when setting up a Linear Condition, you need to tell the program how tall (Height) the wall is so it can tell you the surface area.  To calculate Volume (on a Linear) you'd also have to specify Width (LxWxH=V).

Imperial (U.S. Standard)

When entering a quantity in any Imperial measurement box, the last two digits typed are always interpreted as inches and are always converted to feet.


  • 8 is 8 inches, not 8 feet
  • 800 is 8 feet 0 inches or 8' even
  • 824 is interpreted as 8 feet, 24 inches, or 10' 0"
    • to set a measurement to 824 inches, you'd have to convert it to feet/inches first, so you'd enter 6808 (68' 08")
  • 10 is 10 inches, not 10 feet
  • 1000 is 10 feet 0 inches or 10' even
  • 1010 is 10' 10"

System International (Metric)

When entering a quantity in any Metric measurement box, the value is always entered as millimeters.  


  • To enter 1.2 meters into a measurement box, type 1200
  • 10 cm is entered as 100 (100 mm = 10 cm)

If you are having problems getting On-Screen Takeoff to display quantities of 1,000 or more in a metric database or bid, see Related Articles for troubleshooting.

You can specify fractions of an inch or millimeter by entering a decimal.

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