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QB - 05.01 Master Items - Overview and Video

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An Item is anything related to Material or Labor or both. Thus, a piece of plywood can be an Item, the labor it takes to install that plywood could be a separate Item or included in the Material Item, and the screws required to affix the plywood would be another Item, possibly chained to the first. Both the Material and Labor may be included in one Item or separated into two Items, depending on how your organization chooses to price Bids. You can access the Master Items list directly from the Master menu or from the Condition Detail dialog.

Understanding Items is probably the most important aspect of using Quick Bid efficiently and accurately. Please read this section carefully. We break down the Item Detail dialog box into five separate articles, to make the information a little easier to digest.

Creating and Modifying Items is done using the Item Detail (Master or Bid-Level) dialog.

Items in the Master Items List can be modified at any time. Remember, if an Item is already used in a Bid, changing the Master does not affect the Bid-level Item. To change an Item you've already used in a Bid, use the Modify Item option in the Condition Detail or on the Materials Tab. Also, remember that when you modify a Bid-Level Item, those changes will not affect other Bids although you may be prompted to update the Master, if you have sufficient user rights.

If an existing Item is used in a Condition Assembly or is part of a Chain or Mixture, the Item cannot be deleted. Condition Assemblies, Chains, and Mixtures are discussed later in this chapter.


Changing an Item in the Masters does not affect any Bid where the Item is already used (in a Condition) although changes to a Bid-Level Item can be saved to the Masters, if you have sufficient database rights. See Related articles for more information on Master v. Bid-level Items.

You may be asking, "Where is the Bid Item List", well, that is split between the Materials Tab and the Labor Tab. There is no "Bid Item List" comparable to the Master Item List.

See Related articles for more information on Master v. Bid-level Items as well as a refresher on the Master Items List.

So, let us take a look at How to Create Items. Be patient, there are several articles that explain each screen in the Item Detail dialog box. 

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