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QB - 03.02 Program Options - General (Adjusting How You Work with Quick Bid)

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The General tab in the Options dialog provides settings such as: turning on or off all confirmation dialog boxes, some Labor and navigation options, and other program-related preferences.

Use Enter Key to Navigate in Dialogs Pressing the <Enter> key moves the cursor from field to field in dialog boxes.
Lock Labor Tab from Global Changes Prevents estimators from going to the Labor Tab and entering in new labor prices that change all the conditions in the entire Bid. The Labor Tab becomes a Read-Only screen.
Use Wage Type from Assemblies Assemblies always default to their original wage types (Union, Sub, etc.) and bypass the default wage type selected at the Bid Cover Sheet.
Show Text on Selected Toolbars The Bid toolbar displays text beside each button describing its function.
Create Master Item During Bid Copying When copying a Bid from one database to another, this option automatically adds the pasted Bid’s Items to the Master Items Table of the destination database.
Filter Cost Codes by Section Automatically filters Labor Cost Codes in the Condition Details and Item Calculation screens to show only those Cost Codes assigned to the chosen Section. (Cost Codes must be associated with a Section for this feature to work.)
Turn on all confirmation dialogs Disables all confirmation prompts that display anytime an estimator performs certain actions including: deleting bids, conditions, and payroll classes.
Ask Before Updating Master Material Pricing Disables the confirmation asking whether the changes made to a material price in a Bid should update the Master price. Any updates to the Master affect future bids. When this confirmation is disabled, the Master Item(s) are not updated when you make changes to a bid-level Item (in the Condition Detail or on the Material or Labor Tabs) or when you accept an eQuote - only the bid-level Item is updated.
Turn on eQuotes Welcome Dialog Shows users the short eQuotes tutorial when they access the eQuote functionality on the Materials Tab.
Ask before Replacing Materials on the Materials Tab Disables the warning box that shows at the beginning of a Material Swapping action or re-enables it if you've clicked the "Do not show this message again" box.

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