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QB - 02.02 The Conditions Tab - Material and Labor Building Objects

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The Conditions Tab displays a summary for each Condition in the current Bid. "What's a Condition?" you ask - in the simplest terms, it's something you measure and quantify on a building project. We cover Conditions in detail in What Are Conditions? - go ahead and take a look at that article, but come back to this chapter to review all the other Tabs in Quick Bid.

There are several ways to open this Tab: from the Bids Tab, highlight a Bid and:

  • Click on the Conditions Tab, or
  • Double-click on a Bid, or
  • Select a Bid then press the <Enter>.

Each column can be sorted by clicking once on a column header, then again to toggle between ascending (arrow up) and descending (arrow down).

Opening and Creating Conditions

To open the Condition Detail for an existing Condition,

  • Double-click the Condition or,
  • Select a Condition and press <Enter> or,
  • Right-click on a Condition and select Show Condition Detail

To create a New Condition,

  • Press the <Insert> key on your keyboard or,
  • Right-click anywhere in the Conditions list/window and select New Condition or,
  • Select File > New > Condition from the main menu or,
  • Click the New button

When you are working in an Interactive Bid, all Conditions are created in On-Screen Takeoff.

You can import an Excel spreadsheet to create Conditions. 

See Related articles for information on Interactivity with On-Screen Takeoff and Importing a Quantity Survey.

See Related articles for detailed information about Conditions.

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