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00 On-Screen Takeoff & Digital Production Control Release Notes History - OST DPC

Reference Number: AA-00345 Views: 2281 Created: 01/18/2016 06:42 am Last Updated: 08/02/2021 11:00 am 0 Rating/ Voters
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Version Release Date Notes / Highlights 6/10/2021Hot fix to address performance issues with the Page Navigator control.  3/2/2021  Improvements to AutoNaming and PDF rendering/conversion. Fixes for new Count Shapes. Improved OSP Bid Package import. 11/19/2020  New AutoNaming workflow. Improvements to the MyOnCenter Tab. 10/15/2020 Various hot fixes to correct issues related to release including AutoCount, Typical Groups, and Copy/Paste performance, and improved the MyOnCenter Tab workflow.  8/17/2020  Draw Annotations in View Window, Improvements to Auto Naming workflow and accuracy, bug fixes.  3/16/2020  Re-release of 3.97.00 to fix issues related to curved linears. Replaces previously withdrawn versions (build 14 and 13).  2/14/2020  WITHDRAWN! Hotfix to address issue with curved linears identified in build 13.  2/07/2020  WITHDRAWN! 3-point curves, lots of new shapes for Counts and Attachments, and ability to mark a page as "Takeoff Complete.  9/23/2019  Hotfix to to fix: License codes dropping from drop-down, fixing database upgrades from 3.94, and updating the internal components of Auto Naming. 8/14/2019 Customizable crosshairs, Sheet No. field, Button to Convert to TIFF on Image window. 5/09/2019  Removed Registration screen for trials.  4/25/2019  Maintenance release; Auto Naming interrupt button.  9/16/2018  Bug fix for licensing issue 7/19/2018 Bug fixes and support for mixed-mode and multiple key licensing. 3/22/2018 Auto Naming, New Licensing 4/25/2019  Update to new licensing system 4/7/2017 New, improved Project Express (no longer powered by Hightail.com); new MyOnCenter Tab 11/17/2016 Improved Bids Tab, Enhanced Takeoff tools 5/10/2016 Patch to fix intermittent activation issues on Windows 10 11/4/2015 Patch to address issues identified in 8/6/2015 Support Windows 10, copy and paste backouts and zones  4/25/2019  Update to new licensing system. 2/16/2015 Patch to allow licensing on Surface Pro 3 2/6/2015 Patch to add AutoNotifier. Replaced by 11/17/2014 Options to disable automatic takeoff tools, Additional Count shapes, Group Worksheet by Page, Additional Options for Image Legend, bug fixes and improvements. 2/25/2015 Patch to include AutoNotifier 5/19/2014 Fixed several bugs in original 3.91.0 release 1/20/2014 Additional Annotations, Intelligent Pasting, Next and Previous buttons in Rename Page dialog, and many more features. 2/15/2015 Patch to include AutoNotifier 8/5/2013 Windows 8, Multi-Condition Takeoff, Single Clickand Drag Area Takeoff, Dongle-less licensing, MAC support, and many other features. 2/15/2015 Patch to dongle-less licensing and add AutoNotifier 10/14/2010 Allow user to select which pages to include in Bid Packages, Prompt to Convert PDFs when added to project, many bug fixes. 7/1/2010 Resizable Overlays, Sortable Open Databases dialog box, Several OST and DPC Bug fixes. 2/15/2015 Patch to include AutoNotifier 6/7/2013 Patch to dongle-less licensing. Replaced by 3/26/2010 Fixed issue with licensing dropping. Replaced by 12/28/2009 Maintenance Release to fix outstanding bugs. 11/4/2009 Fixed two bugs introduced in 10/22/2009 Windows 7 Support, Support DWFx files, Improve PDF viewing speed, Allow user to turn on Color for PDFs and other color images. 

Release Notes for Versions No Longer In Distribution

The following versions are no longer distributed or supported by On Center Software. Release Notes (Original DPC release) Release Notes

3.4.1 Release Notes

3.3.1 Release Notes

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