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OST - CPC File Support

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CPC files are a proprietary file type used by some planrooms. Below are some questions and answers regarding these files.


CPC Files are not supported in Oasis Takeoff, they must be converted to TIFF outside Oasis Takeoff.

If you experience continued issues with CPC files, On Center recommends converting them to TIFF or PDF outside On-Screen Takeoff.

Can I use CPC files in On-Screen Takeoff?

Yes, CPC files are converted to tiff format when added to a project.

How does the converter work?

When CPC files are added to a new project or an existing project with CPC files is accessed, the files are converted to tiff immediately and stored in the same directory as the CPC files.

On-Screen Takeoff uses 'CPCTool.exe' which is a utility provided by Cartesian (the owners of the CPC file type) to convert the CPC files to tiff. The first time the CPCTool.exe runs the user is prompted to read/accept a User Agreement from Cartesian – this agreement must be accepted or the converter will not work.

I cannot get the CPCTool to work, what’s wrong?

When CPC files are added to a project or an existing project containing CPC files is accessed, a DOS prompt flashes on the screen, but the file is not converted. This usually indicates that the utility cannot register itself on that computer.

Due to changes in security in Windows 7 and newer, even an Admin does not have Admin privileges most of the time. Only if an application requests the Admin level of security (like the On-Screen Takeoff application installer) does Windows pass what is called an Admin Token to the user for a specific use (like installing an application, writing to the system registry, deleting certain files). The CPCTool does NOT ask Windows for the Admin token correctly.


Before accessing any CPC files, a local Administrator must manually register the CPCTool converter. Please follow the instructions listed below.

Open Windows Explorer (My Computer)

Navigate to where On-Screen Takeoff is installed (by default, C:\Program Files\On-Screen Takeoff 3)

Right-Click on the CPCTool.exe file (a context menu displays)

Select Run As Administrator - if you are not an Administrator on the PC, an Administrator must enter their credentials to proceed

Remove the check mark indicated in the screen shot below (for Windows XP and Vista)

A Microsoft-DOS type window (Command Prompt) opens asking if you would like to review the CPCTool User Agreement.

Type in Y (for yes) and press <Enter> - you are then prompted to accept the agreement

Type Y and press <Enter>

Once an Administrator accepts this agreement, the CPCTool is registered on the machine for all users - CPC files will be automatically converted to tiff when added to a project (or accessed within an existing project).

Will My Existing Jobs Be Affected When I convert CPC files?

Takeoff is not affected generally although it may be necessary to make minor adjustments to the scale of the Page. Use the Calculate Scale feature (explained in the On-Screen Takeoff User Guide) – takeoff should match the image after the scale is changed.

When I Use the Planroom tab in On-Screen Takeoff, my CPC files will not load


The CPCTool user agreement was not accepted by an Administrator (see above)

You have the Planroom Folder (Tools > Options > Folders) pointing to a location where you cannot create the directory structure. Even if a you are able to view/access a particular location, you may not have rights to write/create folders/files in that location

Your Planroom folder may be in a local whose path is too long. Depending on how complex the folder structure, On-Screen Takeoff may not be able to accommodate the number of characters in the folder path (Windows imposes a 256 characters limit to the total path/file name). See the Related articles for more information.

If you have installed another utility for viewing CPC files, it may be interfering with the CPCTool converter. You can use your other tool to convert all CPC files to tiff or you can uninstall that utility and try using On-Screen Takeoff again.

User Agreement Hasn't Been Accepted. When adding CPC images to a bid for the first time you will see a Command Prompt window appear displaying an "Authorized License User Agreement". The Command Prompt continues to display every time a CPC file is accessed until the CPCTool is properly registered. Before running On-Screen Takeoff, an machine (local) Administrator must register the CPCTool converter to permit viewing CPC files. Please follow the instructions listed below to register the CPCTool.

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to where On-Screen Takeoff is installed (the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\On-Screen Takeoff 3)
  • Right-Click on the file named "CPCTool.exe" and select Run as administrator.... If you are not an Administrator on the PC, you must have an Administrator enter their credentials in order to proceed.
  • A Command Prompt opens asking you to view the "Authorized License User Agreement"
  • Type Y (for yes) hit <Enter>

  • You are then prompted to accept the agreement – type Y and hit <Enter>
  • Once an Administrator has accepted this agreement, you will not see this window again.

Cannot Register CPC Tool

Because your company may impose specific system security, the CPCTool may not be able to register, even if you are logged in as an Administrator. As a work around you can manually register the CPCTool using one of the registry keys below.

Use the file for the specific version of Windows you are using (the registry key is different for Windows® XP, Windows Vista®/Windows 7, etc. and for 32 or 64 bit).

The following steps require you to modify the Windows registry. Modifications to the Windows registry, if not done correctly, can cause serious problems to a Windows system. If necessary, please contact an IT Professional to assist you.

32-Bit, Windows 7+

64-Bit, Windows 7+

Save this file to your desktop, then unzip it and right-click the included "*.reg" file - select Merge.

Select Yes, to confirm the file being merged with the Registry, and then click OK to exit the Registry Editor window.

Launch On-Screen Takeoff - you should be able to add CPC files to new bids.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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