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Digital Takeoff Table Setup and Download - OST DPC

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Setting Up the Digital Takeoff Table™ is fairly straightforward.

The following items are required for installation:

Installing the Digital Takeoff Table 2

The information below details steps for installing and configuring the Digital Takeoff Table 2.  The original Digital Takeoff Table is pretty much the same, just has fewer buttons.

With the computer turned off, connect the monitor cable and USB cable into the correct ports on the computer

Plug in the power cable for the Digital Takeoff Table

Power on the computer and the Digital Takeoff Table - the blue power light should be lit on the Digital Takeoff Table

If you touch the Pen Tool to the screen, at this point, a blue light should light up directly to the left of the blue power light - if it does not then troubleshoot the hardware/cable connections.

Locate the DTT Setup file (provided by On Center Software)

Double-click the DTT Setup - a WinZip Self-Extractor window appears

The files are extracted

If you already installed the driver provided by Wacom prior to receiving DTT Integration File, uninstall the Wacom driver before installing the Digital Takeoff Table Integration file.

Click OK to unzip and run the installation file - the Digital Takeoff Table Integration Installer displays

Click Install Digital Takeoff Table Configuration File

Select which version of the configuration file you wish to install - Right-Handed or Left-Handed - another set of files is extracted

Then, the License Agreement is displayed

Accept the "Wacom Tablet - License Agreement"

When the installation is complete a message displays showing "The pen tablet drive was successfully installed."

Click OK

Configuring the Digital Takeoff Table 2

After the Digital Takeoff Table Integration File and driver are installed, it is necessary to calibrate the pen and review the button configuration.

Open the configuration utility by clicking the Windows Start button, All Programs > Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Properties

In the Wacom Tablet Properties for "Tool", click Grip Pen

Click the Calibrate tab

Select "Cintiq 21UX" as the monitor

Click the Calibrate button

Use the Grip Pen to select the points at the top left and bottom right of the screen

The Grip Pen button may not be available the first time you launch the Wacom Table Properties.  If this is the case, touch the pen to the tablet to make the button display.

Once calibration is complete, click the Pen tab to review the settings and adjust them as needed

After reviewing the Grip Pen settings, click the Functions button - select the Left or Right button to verify the settings for the ExpressKeys on each side

After reviewing the Functions settings, click the Touch Strip tab to verify the Touch Strip and Toggle settings - select the Left or Right button to verify the settings for the Touch Strip on each side of the Digital Takeoff Table

Once all settings are configured and verified, close the Wacom Tablet Properties

Open On-Screen Takeoff®

Using your mouse, click Digitizer > Use Digital Takeoff Table™ - this allows On-Screen Takeoff to receive input from the Digital Takeoff Table

Express Keys and Touch Strips


The ExpressKeys are pre-configured, based on the Right or Left Hand Configuration. The following button assignments are for the Right Hand Configuration setup. For the Left Hand Configuration setup, these buttons are reversed.

Touch Strips

The Touch Strips are located on the back side of the Digital Takeoff Table - behind the ExpressKeys.

The Touch Toggle button, on the front of the display, between the upper and lower ExpressKeys is used to change the functionality of the Touch Strip. By default, the Touch Strip is configured to Auto Scroll/Zoom in the first position. The other three positions can be configured in the Touch Strip menu.

Once the Digital Takeoff Table and Integration File are installed, use the Grip Pen to draw takeoff directly on the Takeoff Tab.  Please review the tutorials included with the integration installer to learn how to best use the Digital Takeoff Table efficiently.  Please contact Support for assistance or troubleshooting.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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