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On-Screen Takeoff® Product Information and Downloads - OST DPC

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Current Version ( Released: 04/25/2024

  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of On-Screen Takeoff, you may notice that the installer for (and newer) is larger (approximate 250MB vs. 90MB). This installer takes a bit longer to download, because it includes components to render web pages better within On-Screen Takeoff (Update Notifications and the MyOnCenter Tab, for example, contain richer, more dynamic content).
  • Previous versions of On-Screen Takeoff are located toward the bottom of this page.

Download the Current Version Now Download

If your IT department requires the MSI installer, use this link: https://downloads.oncenter.com/Downloads/OST/398/OST398133.msi


Please review the System Requirements and Installation Instructions while your product is downloading.

Please review these important articles before installing a new version of On-Screen Takeoff

Release Notes Release Notes  

Find out What's New, What's Changed, and What's Fix in this release.

User Guide User Guide 

The User Guide is your up-to-date resource for information on using On-Screen Takeoff.

Training Videos Training Videos 

Our Training Videos will help you familiarize yourself with On-Screen Takeoff - you will be a Pro in no time!


You can find your current license in the Customer Portal (MyAccount) (this is a shared portal for On Center, PlanSwift, and ConstructConnect Takeoff customers), see: What is the Co-Branded Customer Portal? for more information.

If you don't have access to the Customer Portal (MyAccount), contact your manager or your company's accounting or IT department.


  • On Center Software recommends that you check with your network administrator or IT department before downloading and installing any updates. Once installed, any database(s) accessed in this version cannot be accessed by users of prior versions.
  • Backup your databases before installing this product.
  • Users of SQL databases must advise their SQL Administrator before installing this upgrade - only an SQL "dbowner" can upgrade SQL databases.
  • If you use a license manager to activate your product, check with your Systems Administrator before installing this upgrade to ensure they have activated a version appropriate license on the server.
  • After installing this program, you will need to Activate Your License by clicking File > Check Authorization... and enter your new license information. For assistance activating your license, see the Related articles.
  • Be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions.

Previous Versions

Please review On Center's Sunsetting Policy and End of Life Plan for On-Screen Takeoff 3.95 / Quick Bid 4.97 and earlier versions articles for information regarding support for older versions.


Do not install a version of On-Screen Takeoff for which you do not have a valid license, you will lock yourself out of the program and your database. If you are unsure if your license supports a particular version, contact Support before downloading/installing the product.

If your licenses supports 3.98, you can activate any build that begins with "3.98", however we encourage you to always install the "Current Version", shown above, as it includes the latest and greatest features, changes, and fixes. - Released 3/25/2024 (Split takeoff tools)

(we did not release v.3.98.11.xx)

Release Notes - Released 1/26/2024 (All New Auto Name, ConstructConnect developed Takeoff Boost™)

Release Notes - Released 10/24/2023 (In-App Engagements)

Release Notes - Released 3/06/2023 (Takeoff Boost™ Critical Patch)

This build was replaced by build and is no longer supported or distributed.

Release Notes - Released 2/15/2023 (Takeoff Boost™)

This build was replaced by build 26 and is no longer supported or distributed.

Release Notes - Released 12/14/2022 (Project Comments)

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 8/22/2022

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 1/10/2022

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 6/10/2021

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 3/2/2021

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 11/19/2020

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 10/15/2020

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 8/17/2020

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 2/07/2020

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide - Released 9/17/2019

Download  (msi installer) * Release Notes * User Guide

Version not listed?
If you are looking for a previous version that is not listed in this article, it is likely no longer distributed or supported. For more information, please contact Support.

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End User License Agreement (EULA)

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