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System Requirements for On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control

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These System Requirements are for current release of our Classic product line (On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, Digital Production Control) as shown on each application's Product Information and Download article. Click one of the blue buttons above this article to access Product Information and Download articles.


Each product/version has specific System Requirements, please review them before downloading or attempting to install.

See the following articles for more information:

The minimum system requirements support basic functionality of these programs. Actual requirements will vary, depending on your system configuration, other applications installed and running on your computer, the complexity of the electronic plans you use, and if you use the programs interactively. See Improving the Performance of On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control for more information.

Operating System

Windows® 10 Pro or Enterprise, Windows Server 2016 (not as a desktop OS)

Windows® 11 Pro or Enterprise (only OST and newer is currently tested/certified for use with Windows 11. Although we have not certified Windows 11 (or SQL 2019), there's no technical reason for the applications to not work with these Microsoft products/versions.)

32 Bit and 64 Bit operating systems are Supported.

You must keep your Windows system updated with all Microsoft' updates to install and continue to use our software.


At this time, ConstructConnect certifies our desktop products in the above environments only. Technically, they should work in the following environments, but we do not or have not done certification testing. There is no reason they shouldn't work - however there may be unidentified issues that our Support Team may not be able to resolve:

  • We have not completed certification of Windows 11 for Quick Bid or for either application using SQL databases at this time (4/27/2022)
  • Windows 365 (Cloud Windows)
  • Windows virtualized on a MAC
  • Citrix or other virtual desktops/application publishing environments
  • Windows®7, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 (unsupported operating systems)
    • If you are running a version of Windows older than Windows 10 (all unsupported), you must install a Windows Update, that includes the Universal C-Runtime update. Click here for instructions on installing this Windows Update.(Please note, only Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 and newer are supported.)
Before upgrading your computer to Windows 11 (from previous version of Windows), uninstall all On Center Software products. Then, once you have upgraded your operating system and applied all Windows Updates and drivers, reinstall the products.

CPU (Processor)


  • Intel Core i5 or faster


  • Intel compatible 1GHz processor or faster (this likely will not provide acceptable performance)

Memory and Storage


  • 8 GB RAM or more (requires a 64-Bit operating system)
  • 256 GB or larger solid state hard drive (the largest and fastest hard drive you can afford)


  • 4 GB RAM (this likely will not provide acceptable performance)
  • 64 GB Hard drive (this may not be large enough for Windows, other applications, and data files)

Other Requirements

These requirements apply to the Current Release of On Center's Classic products. For version-specific System Requirements (Classic Products), check your product's Help file. Basically, if your PC is capable of running a supported version of Windows, it should be able to run On Center's products. If you are looking for System Requirements for Enterprise License Manager, please see Related articles.

Additional Information

  • Classic functionality that requires Microsoft Excel or Word works with fully-licensed, locally-installed versions of Microsoft's supported software only (web apps do not work with our software).
  • SQL Server 2014 (Quick Bid) and 2019 (OST only) (full or express versions), see Using SQL Server to Store Your On-Screen Takeoff or Quick Bid Database for more information. If you are using an older version of SQL, you must upgrade SQL before installing any OCS product updates.

Apple Users

There are two environments in which supported products may be installed on an Apple computer running MAC OSX:

  • Bootcamp - this is a separate partition from MAC OSX on which a stand-alone installation of Windows is running. This allows the user to run Windows OR MAC OSX but not both at the same time. Because this is "normal" installation of Windows, this environment is supported. In newer versions of Apple computers running the "M" processors, this option is no longer available and your only solution for running our products on a MAC is using virtualization.
  • Parallels (or any other virtualization product) - this allows a MAC OSX user to run a virtualized installation of Windows within the MAC OSX environment. This is not a stand-alone installation of Windows, it is sort of running Windows within a window, so to speak. ConstructConnect cannot provide technical support for this installation, although, as stated above, there is no technical reason this would not work.

See Running On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control on Apple hardware (a MAC) for more information.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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