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On-Screen Takeoff (Released: 10/24/2023)

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  • Updating some branding related to Takeoff Boost (including adding 'Takeoff' and the registration mark)
  • Improved content on the MyOncenter Tab


  • ON-5551/ART3-3932 - Changing an Overlay's scale in the Annotation and View Window (2nd "view" window) distorts the display of the Plan
  • ON-5444/ART3-3933 - When "Display Area (Name) and Dimension" are checked on Takeoff Boost Area Condition, the labels are not shown on the takeoff objects
  • ON-5620/ART3-3934 - Fixed an issue on Windows 11 where the MyOnCenter Tab would not display correctly when there was no internet connection
  • ART3-3349 - Fixed the "Request Support" button in error messages to point to valid URL
  • ON-5366/ART3-3345 - Cannot move Layers up using the Move Layer Up button in the Layers dialog box
  • ON-5328/ART3-3346 - the View (3rd) Window closes when you close the Auto Count preview window
  • ON-5391/ART3-3348 - Takeoff Condition Result quantities disappear after setting Decimal Places to Floating
  • ON-5574/ART3-3347 - When user drags and drops multiple pages in the Plan Organizer, their order is not maintained
  • ON-4336 - Cut/Pasting Annotation in the Image Window is not reflected in the A-V Window until the Page is reloaded. (Copy/Pasting works fine, then cycle back and delete the original.)

Known Issues

  • When we added the ability for users to create Named Views and adjusting Scale in the Annotation and View Window (A-V Window, formerly known as the 2nd/View Window), we identified a few things we feel you should be aware of, noted below. If there is a Bug (ON-xxxx or ARTX-xxxx) associated with the Known Issue, we are investigating whether this needs to be fixed in a future release:
    • When you create a Named View in the A-V Window, sometimes, depending on your position on the Page and the Zoom, when you draw the Named View, the Current View in the A-V Window may "jump". If this happens and you cannot see the Named View you just drew, press <ESC> on your keyboard to delete the unsaved Named View, zoom out a bit and try again, or draw the Named View in the main Image Window.
    • ON-4339 - If you attempt to change the Scale of a Page (in the new A-V Window) to something that would cause an issue with takeoff (in the main Image Window), the warning is shown in the main window, not in the A-V Window.
    • ON-4338 - Applying a Scale change made in the A-V Window to "All Pages" may cause OST to show an error that the Scale cannot be changed but changes the Scale anyway. We caution you to avoid using the "Apply to all pages" when setting Scale as a general rule. 
    • ON-4337 - When drawing a Named Views in both the Image Window and the A-V Window, if you "Save" the Named View by clicking away from it, rather than hitting <ENTER>, eventually, OST may no longer show a Named View created in the A-V Window in the Image Window or vice versa. If this happens, just close OST to clear memory.
    • ON-4225 - Copy/Pasting and Cut/Pasting Annotation in either the Image Window or the A-V Window is not reflected in the View Window until the Page is reloaded in the View Window.
    • If you are upgrading, if your On-Screen Takeoff window is maximized before you upgrade to, you may not see the new "V" button on the View Toolbar on the Image Tab. If it doesn't show up, there's an easy fix for this: in OST, click Tools > Options and click "Reset all Settings". You will need to reconfigure your Options, but this will force the toolbars to rebuild properly.
  • Some users of and newer installers have experienced issues with the EXE installer not running correctly on their machines. If you have any trouble installing any upgrade, please download the "MSI Installer" instead - it's located in the MyAccount Portal and on the  On-Screen Takeoff® Product Information and Downloads page.
  • ON-4556 - The Image Folder button on the Cover Sheet sometimes disappears when user hovers over the field, making it difficult or impossible to click on the button.
  • ON-4728 - If you CUT and paste takeoff from one Page to another, the blue "takeoff" indicator does not get updated in the Page Navigator until you leave the Image Tab and return (Case 02230614)
  • ON-5064 - (fka ON-4441) - Area Backouts within a Zone are shown as "unassigned" negative values on the Takeoff Tab (Case # 02171995)
  • Flipping (vertically or horizontally) some Linear and Area takeoff objects causes them to recalculate with fractionally different Results.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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