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Which Takeoff and Estimating Package is Right for Your Company?

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Although CCTO, PlanSwift, and On-Screen Takeoff Professional (with or without Quick Bid Estimating) are all powerful takeoff tools, each excels at some functions which may not offer the best solution for others. Below is a comparison of the three takeoff products as they compare to each other and to On-Screen Takeoff with Quick Bid Estimating. All our takeoff solutions provide estimators, project managers, and foreman features designed to improve takeoff speed, retain and organize data, and share projects with others. The matrix below helps you understand the major differences between the three takeoff products.

PlanSwift Viewer and On-Screen Takeoff PlanViewer are a minimalistic, plan-viewing and markup utilities, you can use to review a project before investing the time and resources to create full takeoff and an estimate. We don't include them in this article because they are not licensed products, nor do they have advanced takeoff and estimating capabilities. See Related Articles for more details.

Feature Comparison


circle 0%- Not supported or not available
circle 50%- Supports
circle 100%- Excels

Capability/FeatureConstructConnect Takeoff™ (CCTO)PlanSwift™ Professional (PS)  On-Screen Takeoff Professional(OST)OST w/Quick Bid™ Estimating (QB)
Bid (Project, Job, Tender, Estimate, etc.) Creation
Create Base Bidcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Create Alternates and Change Orderscircle 50%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Create Project Versionscircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Organize Projects in or by Folderscircle 0%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Takeoff and Measurements
Access Artificial Intelligence-Powered Takeoff Boost™ to automate takeoffcircle 0%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Use Multi-Condition Takeoff(patented) to speed up drawing measurementscircle 100%circle 0%circle 100% circle 100%
Measure (take off) Linears, Areas, and Countscircle 100%circle 100%circle 100%circle 100%
Generate multiple quantity results based on takeoff measurementscircle 100%circle 50%circle 50%
circle 50%
Save takeoff quantitiescircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
View a Legend of takeoff results per pagecircle 50%circle 50%circle 100%circle 100%
Auto Countcircle 50%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Create and Save Conditions/Takeoff Itemscircle 100%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Assign Takeoff to Layers and Areascircle 50%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Toggle Layers on and off to show/hide various takeoff objectscircle 50%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Create Custom Layerscircle 50%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Use Typical Takeoff to speed up takeoff processcircle 50%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Use Zones to breakout takeoff quantitiescircle 0%circle 50%
circle 100%circle 100%
Custom Input Forms & Takeoff Tool Customization  circle 0%circle 100%circle 0% circle 0% 
Duplicate and Reassign Takeoff to Different Conditionscircle 100%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Use Advanced Pasting Controls to speed up the takeoff processcircle 100%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Draw/Record with multiple Conditions/Takeoff Items at the same timecircle 100%circle 50%circle 100%circle 100%
Takeoff curved areascircle 100%circle 100%circle 0%circle 0%
Draw, Copy, and Paste Backouts (area deductions)circle 0%circle 50%
circle 50%circle 50%
Digitizer (hard board) supportcircle 0%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Earthwork Pro Plugin for site work, excavating, etc.circle 0%circle 100%circle 0%circle 0%
Exports, Reports, and Pricing
Price Materials and Laborcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 100%
Use eQuotes to obtain up-to-date Material Pricing from vendorscircle 0%circle 0%circle 0%circle 100%
Price using built-in Worksheetcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Export takeoff results (and the estimate) to sharable filecircle 0%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Export takeoff bid to create project in Quick Bidcircle 50%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Export takeoff quantities to Excel or CSVcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Export priced Condition/Takeoff Item quantities to Excel or CSVcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Drag-and-Drop Assemblies and Parts onto takeoff circle 0%circle 50%circle 0%circle 0%
Customize formulascircle 50%circle 100%circle 0%circle 50%
Link takeoff results directly to Excelcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Link bid to work interactively with Quick Bid Estimatingcircle 0%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Generate bid reports for analysiscircle 0%circle 50%circle 50%circle 100%
Generate bid proposals and quotationscircle 0%circle 50%circle 0%circle 100%
Export to various Accounting packages circle 0% circle 50%
circle 0%circle 100%
Manage the project in Digital Production Control (DPC)circle 0%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Plan Organization
Access AI-powered Auto Naming to speed setup of Pagescircle 0%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
Download plans from ConstructConnect's Platformcircle 100%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Download plans from other Planroomscircle 50%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%
View plans in colorcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
View raster images (tiff, cal)circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
View vector and CAD images (pdf, dwg, dwf, etc.)circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
View photo images (jpg, png)circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Organize and match up drawing revisionscircle 100%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Compare revisions using Overlay featurecircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Compare multiple revisions using Overlay featurecircle 50%circle 0%circle 0%circle 0%
Annotation Tools

Add text to the drawingcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Using electronic ink to markup drawingcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Highlighter toolcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Create Hot Links, Named Views, Bookmarkscircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Create Punch Lists and Punch Itemscircle 50%circle 0%circle 0%circle 0%
Stamps annotationcircle 50%circle 50%circle 0%circle 0%
Attach a file directly to a Pagecircle 50%circle 50%circle 0%circle 0%
Turn Image Legend on and offcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Ungroup, move, or edit the Image Legendcircle 50%circle 0%circle 100%circle 100%

Allow multiple estimators to work on takeoff concurrentlycircle 50%circle 0%circle 0%circle 50%
Allow employees within the organization to see each other's workcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Export and share bids with other users over the internetcircle 0%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Share bids with users outside your organizationcircle 0%circle 50%circle 100%circle 100%
Share bids between home office and fieldcircle 50%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
View projects in ConstructConnect's Web Takeoff appcircle 50%circle 0%circle 0%circle 0%
Data Access

Set permissionscircle 50%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Custom permissionscircle 0%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Access data from MS Access or SQL Databasecircle 0%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Backup and restore informationcircle 0%circle 50% 
circle 50%circle 50%
Store and access your data in the Cloudcircle 100%circle 0%circle 50%
circle 50%circle 0%circle 50%

Training Videos, Webinars, Online Helpcircle 100%circle 100% circle 100%circle 100%
Custom trainingcircle 50%circle 50% circle 100%circle 100%
Custom training in Spanishcircle 50%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
On-Site Classroom Training circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%circle 50%
Unlimited Estimator Assistance (How Do I...?) circle 50%circle 0%circle 50%circle 50%
Sample takeoff projectscircle 50%circle 50%circle 100%circle 100%
Sample estimating Items & Assembliescircle 0%circle 100%circle 0%circle 100%
Trade-specific Items and Assembliescircle 0%circle 50%
circle 0%circle 100%
Manufacturer Items and Assembliescircle 0%circle 50%
circle 0%circle 100%


(a) You can define a maximum of 3 results, see Create a Condition for more information
(b) Optional Plugin or add on available (may require purchase)
(c) You can link On-Screen Takeoff Condition Results to Excel
(d) One user can work in OST and another other on the QB side, but not at the same time
(e) See Backup your PlanSwift Jobs for details
(f) See Can I Use "Cloud" Storage? for details

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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