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Why Upgrade to the Latest Version of On-Screen Takeoff®/Digital Production Control®

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See On-Screen Takeoff® Product Information and Downloads for the latest version of On-Screen Takeoff as well as links to all the resources you'll need.

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New Features


  • Full support for Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise
  • Certification for use with Microsoft SQL 2019
  • Moved the MyOnCenter Tab to the first position and repurposed it to improve its usefulness.
  • Users are prompted to Opt into Analytics (Non-California, U.S. Residents only, all others are opted-out) to help ConstructConnect development and improve meaning features and functionality based on usage.
    • Non-U.S. residents and residents of California are opted out automatically until we can provide a method for purging customer data upon request.
  • Remove Registration screen and all Personally Identifiable Information in compliance with the GDPR and California CPA.
  • As part of the implementation of the improved Annotation & View Window, it is necessary for OST to close any secondary windows when leaving the Image Tab. Their state and position are retained and they will re-open when you return to the Image Tab.
  • Updated the underlying technology on which On-Screen Takeoff is built to support future versions of Windows and the latest operating system updates.
  • Removed support for CPC (Cartesian) files - if you use this file type, you must convert these files to TIF or PDF using a 3rd party utility.
  • When OST is in 'logging mode', log files are no longer overwritten/cleared when program restarts. Also, if users have Quick Bid (or newer) installed, additional information from Quick Bid is available in the log file - see Related Articles.
  • Removed "BMP" and "PNG" from the list of files that can be imported/added to a project. OST can still display BMPs, but you cannot add new BMP files to any project. (Tip: Just change the extension from "BMP" or "PNG" to "TIF" and you can load them.)
  • Removed the option to convert PDFs to TIFFs on the Cover Sheet.
  • Changed the "Enable Color PDFs" option to "Disable high resolution images" and disabled option by default (so all images will display, by default, in color at higher resolution).
  • Disable the "Change Folder" button when the Pages selected are not stored in the same folder (which prevents the function from working).
  • Improvements to PDF performance and quality including improved conversion to TIFF times.
  • Bid exports (OSP and OST files) now include the "Mark Takeoff Complete" indicator as appropriate (works if you send to another OST 3.98 user only).

Important Fixes

  • The preview window is blank when adding an Overlay via the Overlay Wizard.
  • Some users reported that On-Screen Takeoff could not be installed unless the "hidden" Windows Admin account was enabled and used.
  • AutoNaming was not returning results in OST
  • The Preview pane in the OST Bid Package Custom Page selector is not working.
  • 3-point linear takeoff results change fractionally after flipping horizontally or vertically
  • After duplicating a Condition, if the name is still in edit mode and you draw takeoff, the cursor did not follow intended movements.
  • Typical Groups cause performance degradation as more markers are placed in a project.
  • Saving a new Style Set expands previously collapsed Style groups
  • Sheet names are changed sometimes when exporting and importing bid packages.
  • Duplicating a Condition, while the Condition Window is sorted by Condition Name and the Condition Number column is turned off, creates the duplicate Condition in the wrong order.
  • Linear takeoff objects set to connect to other linears are affecting takeoff objects on hidden layers.
  • When exporting the the Takeoff Tab to CSV, if the Tab is Grouped by Zone, Bid Areas are not shown correctly in the CSV file.
  • Some large font sizes (for Display Dimension) causes a "Takeoff outside of boundaries" error.
  • When using Advanced Mouse Controls and drawing Continuous Mode linear takeoff, the mouse responds as expected.
  • Shape annotations did not print at set line width.
  • Print Previewing or Printing Worksheet Tab cuts off the end of the Total ($) column.
  • Export Takeoff Tab to csv does not export correct quantities on Typical Groups.
  • When exporting the Takeoff Tab to CSV (using File > Export), the Zone names are included.
  • If a bid includes Typical/Repeating Pages, the Takeoff Tab always displays correct totals (this was not working correctly for a long time).
  • OSP Bid Package now includes employees.
  • If Quick Bid has access levels enabled, users could not create interactive bids in OST.
  • In some bids, using Duplicate and Reassign takeoff caused a Quick Bid Item's quantity to increase exponentially.
  • Unable to duplicate bids when bids list is grouped by job status and bid numbers sorted from greatest to least (affects interactive bids only).
  • Typing spaces in the Name or Estimator filter fields does not enable the Clear Filter button on the Bids Tab (user may not realize a filter is set)

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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