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On-Screen Takeoff (Released: 08/22/2022)

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Be sure to rate this article 5 Stars if you find it helpful! is an update release that includes full support for Windows 11, SQL 2019, and numerous bug fixes

Upgrade Please

This version of On-Screen Takeoff 3.98 has been replaced by, please upgrade at your earliest convenience as there are numerous features and bug fixes you're missing.

Download links and other resources are provided on the Product Info page (just click the product name above or this link:  On-Screen Takeoff® Product Information and Downloads - OST DPC).

Be sure to check out the Release Notes history at: 00 On-Screen Takeoff & Digital Production Control Release Notes History - OST DPC to see what previous versions included.

Want Even More Details About this Release?

Check out the Detailed Release Information for more information about each new feature and how it helps you get even more out of your software!



  • Full support for Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise
  • Certification for use with Microsoft SQL 2019


  • Updated the underlying technology on which On-Screen Takeoff is built to support future versions of Windows and the latest operating system updates
  • Removed support for CPC (Cartesian) files - if you use this file type, you must convert these files to TIF or PDF using a 3rd party utility
  • When OST is in 'logging mode', log files are no longer overwritten/cleared when program restarts. Also, if users have Quick Bid (or newer) installed, additional information from Quick Bid is available in the log file - see Related Articles.
  • Removed "BMP" from the list of files that can be imported/added to a project. OST can still display BMPs, but you cannot add new BMP files to any project. (Tip: Just change the extension from "BMP" to "TIF" and you can load them.


    • ON-3864 - 3-point linear takeoff results change fractionally after flipping horizontally or vertically
    • ON-4031 - The scrollbar for the "View" drop-down does not work in the Annotation and View (2nd) Window (previously called the 2nd View Window) or the View (3rd) Window
    • ON-4088 - Saving a new Style Set expands previously collapsed Style groups
    • ON-4094 - Clicking "No" on the Delete Condition Folder confirmation prompt still deletes folder (affects versions 3.97 through 3.98.05)
    • ON-4146 - The CreateDateTime field in the database was not populating correctly
    • ON-4210 - Typing spaces in the Name or Estimator filter fields does not enable the Clear Filter button on the Bids Tab (user may not realize a filter is set)
    • ON-4211 - Right-clicking while holding down the left mouse button will cause On-Screen Takeoff to lock up (Customer Ticket # 02118301)
    • ON-4333 - Copying and Pasting a Highlighter annotation in the Annotation and View (2nd) Window does not save the pasted Highlight
    • ON-4336 - Cut and Paste any Annotation in Main window doesn't show pasted object in Annotation and View (2nd) window
    • ON-4424 - The preview window is blank when adding an Overlay via the Overlay Wizard

    Known Issues

    • Auto-Naming is not working in - we are working on solution.
    • There are a few Known Issues related to the new functionality introduced in 3.98.04 and 3.98.05 related to the Annotation & View and 3rd View Windows. Please see the Release Notes for those versions for details: On-Screen Takeoff (Release: 2022.1.0 - OST) - 01/10/2022.
    • The Image Folder button on the Cover Sheet sometimes disappears when user hovers over the field, making it difficult or impossible to click on the button. (Bug# ON-4556)
    • If you CUT and paste takeoff from one Page to another, the blue "takeoff" indicator does not get updated in the Page Navigator until you leave the Image Tab and return (Case 02230614) ON-4728
    • Area Backouts within a Zone are shown as "unassigned" negative values on the Takeoff Tab (Case # 02171995) ON-4441
    • ON-5328 - the View (3rd) Window closes when you close the Auto Count preview window

    Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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