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Quick Bid. Release Notes (09/16/2021)

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Upgraded Version

This version of Quick Bid has been replaced by Quick Bid. please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

Download links, links to previous versions, and other resources can be found on the Quick Bid Product Information Page (click Quick Bid above or Quick Bid® Product Information and Downloads - QB).

Quick Bid is a HotFix for Quick Bid and an upgrade for all prior versions available to all customers whose license supports 4.99.xx. This Hotfix replaces and fixes several issues with the Materials, eQuotes, and Labor Tab grids that were identified during final testing of, and subsequently reported by customers. We are including all the "What's new" goodies from below for your convenience.


  • ON-4039 - focus is shifting to incorrect cell when editing Waste or Supplier in the Materials grid.
  • ON-4015 - moved the "Total" row on the Subs, Equip, Other, Material, Labor, and Payroll Tabs to the last row in the grid, instead of always being visible to reduce confusion about what the Total includes.
  • ON-4000 - clicking "View Conditions in use" opened the lower grid correctly, but no record was selected in the top grid, so the bottom grid was empty. Also, with the Materials Tab open, navigating to another Bid was not selecting the top row so the bottom grid was blank.
  • ON-3973 - after changing an editable field in the Labor Costs grid (production, for example), and then scrolling with a mouse caused the grid to malfunction.
  • ON-3919 - when dragging an Item into an eQuote or inviting a Supplier, the grid is expanding previously collapsed eQuote and setting focus at the top of the grid.
  • ON-3910 - when changing Size/Style, Mat. Cost, Total, Waste, Units, or Supplier in the Materials grid, changing the price of an Item in an eQuote, Inviting or Removing a Supplier to/from an eQuote, or adding or removing and Item to/from an existing eQuote, the eQuotes grid would redraw and the user's focus would be placed at the top of the grid.
  • ON-3427 - in a database that contains a very large number of eQuotes (approximately 1,000), the eQuotes grid becomes unusable.

Quick Bid Release Notes

Features (carried over from

  • Show subtotals on the Equip, Subs, Other, Material, Labor, and Payroll Tabs (see Known Issues)
  • Persist SOV options
  • Add "Set to Item Description" and "Set to Section Description" Description of Work options when creating a SOV Contract
  • Print eQuote comparison
  • Add Column Headers to the eQuotes grid
  • Add a MyOnCenter Tab to Quick Bid to improving onboarding experience, provide access to the customer portal, and inform users of company and product news

Changes (carried over from

Fixes (carried over from

Reported by Customers

  • [ON-1887] (Support Case: 399770) Plexxis Export Crash – The program crashes when the Plexxis export is run on bids containing items with size/style names exceeding a certain character limit.
  • [ON-2846] (Support Case: 01773331) The Verify and Unverify options are not accessible from the right-click menu on the Conditions Tab when a bid is in interactive mode.
  • [ON-3457] If a CCTO project does not include Start or End date, and is exported to OST file, that file does not import into Quick Bid correctly.

Found during QA Normal Testing

  • [ON-3590] Quick Bid loses focus when emptying Deleted Bids folder.
  • [ON-2769] Buttons are not clickable on first click just after selecting ALL options from Master Items filter drop-downs.
  • [ON-2690] Supplier checkbox does not appear when entering eQuote price.

Known Issues

  • In the eQuotes panel, we added column headers for Vendor Quote Price and Vendor Quote Total. When the grid refreshes, sometimes the "Vendor Quote Total" shows "Vendor Quote Tototal" (misspelling). There is already a fix in the next release of QB for this known issue. (ON-3763)
  • On the Subs, Equip, and Other Tabs, the subtotal calculation is not correct when Qty is assigned to Multiple Areas. This does not affect any bid values, it's simply displaying the incorrect subtotal on the Subs, Equip, and Other Tabs. There is already a fix in the next release of QB for this known issue. (ON-3913)
  • If you are using Custom Reports, there is a bug in the most recent Quick Bid installers were the folder created on OCS Documents\Quick Bid\ is "Custom Reports" (with a space) instead of "CustomReports". Remove the space so Quick Bid can locate your custom report files. There is already a fix in the next release of QB for this known issue. (ON-4090)
  • Subs Tab - when you add a Sub and click the Accepted button, the subtotal is incorrect. There is already a fix in the next release of QB for this known issue (anticipated first quarter of 2022). (ON-3850)
  • Payroll Tab - if your bid includes negative labor, the Subtotal on the Payroll Tab will be incorrect (significantly). This does not affect the Bid, only the display on the Payroll Tab. There is already a fix in the next release of QB for this known issue. (ON-4170)
  • The "Set to Item Description" option for Schedule of Values Contracts is the same as "Set to Cost Code Description".

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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