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On-Screen Takeoff (Released: 06-10-2021)

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Upgrade Please

This version of On-Screen Takeoff 3.98 has been replaced by, please upgrade at your earliest convenience as there are numerous features and bug fixes you're missing.

Download links and other resources are provided on the Product Info page (just click the product name above or this link:  On-Screen Takeoff® Product Information and Downloads - OST DPC).

Features in 3.98.00 - 3.98.04

  • Users can draw Annotations (all but Named Views and Hot Links) within the "2nd View Window". (see OST 3.98 - View Window (2nd Image Window)
  • A new Auto Naming workflow. With this new update when the Auto Name button is selected on the Cover Sheet, the auto-naming process begins, but continues in the background. You are able to work in other bids while Auto Naming processes the files for the selected bid. You can monitor progress via the icon next to the Project Name and the status bar.
  • When Auto Naming results are returned, the Cover Sheet is updated automatically. Instead of a pop-up showing you the Auto Naming Results. To make changes, simply update the grid in the Cover Sheet.


  • Moved the MyOnCenter Tab to the first position and default to opening it for licensed users. (see OST 3.98 - MyOnCenter Tab)
    • This Tab provides access to the Customer Portal, Training and Support options, and an array of resources intended to help the new and experienced user get the most out of their software.
    • On Windows 8.1 (32-bit), the MyOnCenter Tab throws an error, this is a known issue and deemed acceptable as this version of Windows is no longer supported. 
  • Bid exports (OSP and OST files) now include the "Mark Takeoff Complete" indicator as appropriate (works if you send to another OST 3.98 user only).
  • Improvements to PDF performance and quality including improved conversion to TIFF times.


Reported by Customers

  • [ON-848] - Support Case 388558 - Sheet names are changed sometimes when exporting and importing bid packages
  • [ON-875] - Support Case 391599 - the program does not convert all PDF images in Cover Sheet to TIFF
  • [ON-877] - Support Case 389112 - duplicating a Condition, while the Condition Window is sorted by Condition Name and the Condition Number column is turned off, creates the duplicate Condition in the wrong order
  • [ON-999] - Support Case 386386 - Linear takeoff objects set to connect to other linears are affecting takeoff objects on hidden layers
  • [ON-1580] - Support Case 394941 - when exporting the the Takeoff Tab to CSV, if the Tab is Grouped by Zone, Bid Areas are not shown correctly in the CSV file
  • [ON-1581] - Support Case 394836 - some large font sizes (for Display Dimension) causes a "Takeoff outside of boundaries" error
  • [ON-2106] - Support Case 402657 - In OST 3.97, when tabbing through fields in the Condition Properties (Count) dialog box, the Shape field is skipped
  • [ON-2991/ON-3311] - some Count shapes were causing OST to "lock up" when they were moved around on the page.
  • [ON-3078] - when OST and Quick Bid were on the same monitor, creating a Typical Group caused Quick Bid to pull into focus.
  • Improved how OST imports the Pages Grid when importing OSP Bid Packages and there are multiple image folder locations. 
  • [ON-3288] and [ON-3594] Page Navigator performance issues (bids with a large # of pages, bids with a large # of takeoff objects)

Identified During Routine Testing

  • [ON-1858] - The "Mark Takeoff Complete" option affects child bids when set on the Base Bid
  • [ON-1991] - Minimizing the "2nd View Window" modal window closes it on Windows 10 Pro (fix is to disable the minimize button)
  • [ON-2278] - Clicking "Reset All Settings", while on the Image tab, then navigating to the Bids Tab and back to the Image Tab causes general exception error (crash)
  • [ON-2281] - Clicking "Reset All Settings" and closing program deselects all databases in the Open Database dialog box
  • Area Backouts within a Zone are shown as "unassigned" negative values on the Takeoff Tab (Case # 02171995) ON-4441

Known Issues

  • The MyOnCenter Tab is not compatible with Windows 8.1 and will generate an error. As Windows 8.1 is no longer supported by On Center Software, this will not be fixed. Windows 8.1 users may view the MyOnCenter Tab contents here: https://www.oncenter.com/getting-started-home .
  • Not necessarily an issue, but you may notice it takes a little longer to open a bid the first time each time you use it. We load additional data about Pages and takeoff when the bid is opened and that takes the program a few seconds.
  • Sometimes, after duplicating a Condition, if the name is still in edit mode and you draw takeoff, the cursor will not follow your movements. Workaround: save changes to Condition name before drawing takeoff.
  • Rotating a linear takeoff object that is set to "3-point curve" causes it to recalculate with slightly different results. This will be fixed in an upcoming version of OST 3.98.
  • The Image Folder button on the Cover Sheet sometimes disappears when user hovers over the field, making it difficult or impossible to click on the button. (Bug# ON-4556)
  • ON-4746 - navigating to the Takeoff or Worksheet Tab closes the View Window
  • Area Backouts within a Zone are shown as "unassigned" negative values on the Takeoff Tab (Case # 02171995) ON-4441

Microsoft has ended "Mainstream Support" for Windows 8.1, therefore On Center no longer tests new versions on that platform. Please see related articles for updated System Requirements and our Sunsetting/End-of-Life policy.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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