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OST - 03.08.01 Reviewing and Adjusting Auto Naming Results using the Plan Details Editor

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In the previous article, we showed you how to run AutoNaming on your project to get suggestions for Page Names, Sheet Numbers, and Disciplines. 

Sometimes, the results may require minor adjustments. 

  • In v.3.98.03 and newer, the changes are incorporated into the Cover Sheet immediately, and you use the Plan Details Editor to make changes.
  • In v.3.98.02, the changes are incorporated into the Cover Sheet immediately, and you make your adjustments within the Cover Sheet (the Plan Details Editor is disabled in this version).
  • In v.3.98.01 or earlier, when Auto Naming completes, you are presented with its results in the Plan Details Editor dialog box - the changes are not applied until you click "Accept". 

If the suggested Sheet No. or Sheet Name isn't quite right, you can make adjustments once AutoNaming finishes processing.

3.98.03 and newer

Auto Name results are updated directly in the Cover Sheet. Click the Plan Details Editor to make adjustments.

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The Plan Details Editor shows you a preview of each page and highlights the Sheet No. and Sheet Name it found.

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  • Using the controls on the right side of the dialog box, you can adjust the orientation for each Page (if the page is upside-down, Auto Naming may not notice that it needs to be rotated, but you will). If you run Auto Naming after saving your Cover Sheet and rotate an existing page in this dialog box, it is rotated immediately, even if you do not click "Accept Changes". However if you adjust a page that has not been saved previously in the Cover Sheet (if you run Auto Naming right after adding the plan(s) to your project), page rotation is not applied unless you click "Accept Changes".
  • Use the Zoom drop-down or click in the upper preview (on the right side), hold down <CTRL>, and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom into the preview so you can read the details better.
  • <Enter> moves down to the next row, same field (so you can update all your Sheet No.s, then go back to the top and start updating all your Sheet Names.

Make any changes you need. 

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Be sure to click Accept Changes to apply your corrections. The Cover Sheet is updated with your corrections. 

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And the Page Navigator is also...

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In the Auto Naming Images Results dialog box, if you check "Show Disciplines" (above the grid), On-Screen Takeoff organizes your plans into Page Folder bases on the Discipline detected. 

You can add your own Disciplines by just typing in a Discipline name.

You can select which Pages you want to moved into each Discipline and which to leave where they were by using the checkboxes on the left. 

To change a Page's Discipline, just click the drop-down selector - you can select from a pre-established list of Disciplines based on industry standards. Discipline is suggested based on the Sheet Number ("A" for Architectural, "S" for Structural, etc.).

auto naming results showing disciplines

These "Disciplines" become Folders on the Cover Sheet. (If you're still using v.3.98.02, you simply add Folders and move Pages into them, according to their Discipline. See Related Articles for more information on using Page Folders.)

cover sheet organized into discipline folders

If you don't use Auto-Naming, or you would like to organize your Pages in a manner other than by Discipline, you can create your own folders in the Cover Sheet or in the Auto Naming results screen.


That's it for creating your first project. The rest of this section covers managing bids (copying and pasting, duplicating, deleting, and creating "child bids"). If you want to skip again and start viewing plans and creating takeoff, see Related Articles, you can always come back to this section when you want to learn more about managing bids.

Using Auto Naming Copying and Pasting Bids from One Database to Another 

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