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OST - 20.05.01 Database Maintenance - Upgrading Databases

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There are four maintenance options available for Access databases and three for SQL (the programs cannot backup SQL databases). 

  • Upgrading Databases (Access/SQL), described below. You upgrade a database the first time it is opened in a newer version of On-Screen Takeoff (typically after upgrading the product).
  • Compacting/Repairing Databases (routine/regular maintenance - required) (Access/SQL), described in the articles that follow. You use this utility to correct problems in your database and to reduce its size. The Repair function works on both Access and SQL databases, but the Compact function only works on Access databases. Your SQL Admin uses a function, built into SQL, called "Shrink" to reduce the size of the SQL Logs periodically.
  • Synchronizing Databases (Access/SQL), described in the articles that follow. You use this utility to copy Master information (such as Style, Style Sets, Employees, Condition Types, etc.) from one database to another. Useful when creating a new database and you want to copy Master information but not Bid information to your new database from one or more existing databases. 
  • Backing Up Databases (Access only), described in the articles that follow. You use this utility, to make a backup copy of your working Access database. Restoring is simply a matter of copying one or more backup copies to your working database directory.

Upgrading Databases

When you install a new version of On-Screen Takeoff, usually you will be required to upgrade any open databases to make them compatible with the new software. Upgrading a database usually involves adding new tables, fields, or other information to the database.  This changes the structure of the database so that it is compatible only with the new version of the software.  You will be prompted to update each databases open when you first launch the product after installing the upgrade.  Once a database is upgraded to the new version it cannot be accessed by previous versions of the software.


Verify your Activation Code supports the version of the software you intend to install before upgrading any databases (see CLS - Checking Which Version a License Supports (check before installing any upgrades!).  If you are unsure whether or not you are licensed for an upgrade, contact Support before you install anything or upgrade any databases - once upgraded, a database cannot be 'downgraded' to support older versions.

See CLS - Upgrading Classic Products for more information and advice about upgrading your software.

On Center Software recommends making an "Archive" copy of all databases (meaning, copying your "OCS Documents" folder to a safe place such as a USB or thumb drive) before upgrading any databases.  Please contact your network administrator or IT person for assistance with safeguarding your databases before installing any program updates. 


If your company uses SQL databases, all users must coordinate before installing an Upgrade. Only a 'dbo' can properly upgrade an SQL database and once upgraded, the database will be inaccessible to anyone who hasn't upgraded.

Your SQL Administrator must ensure a full backup of the database is performed before upgrading - On Center's products cannot backup SQL databases before attempting to upgrade them.

Creating a Microsoft SQL Database Database Maintenance - Compact & Repair

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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