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OST - 19.06 Program Options - Folders (Specifying Where the Program Saves Files)

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Folder options specify the folder locations for things such as storing databases, creating backups, downloading planroom images, and other program operations.

These paths can be changed but must point to a valid location. Changing to an invalid location will interfere with the proper operation of the software. Some, but not all, of these folder paths provide an error message if the entered path is not valid. Others fail only when the function is accessed, for example, if the path listed under Update Location does not exist or the path is invalid, an error occurs when "Check for Updates" is selected.

To set default preferences for various Folders, click Tools > Options > Folders.

Be sure you have sufficient rights to read/write/update files in a specified location. Please contact your Network Administration for assistance with user rights. Setting these options to an invalid or inaccessible location can cause unexpected issues with the software.

OST Options dialog box - Folder tab

Program defaults are shown in the image above.

Folder Description/What it does/How it is used...
Database Folder Sets a default for where the application saves new databases. All databases stored in this location automatically display in the Open Database dialog box.
Default: C:\OCS Documents\OST\
Backup Folder When performing a backup of a database, On-Screen Takeoff creates an exact copy of the database and adds a number to the name to indicate which backup copy it is. The program then places this copy of the database in the folder specified in this field. On Center Software recommends taking steps to safeguard these backups from accidental use or deletion such as storing on or copying to a network drive or second hard drive.

Default: C:\OCS Documents\OST\Backups

This must not be the same folder as the "Database Folder". Never work from a backup database and never store your backups and working databases in the same folder.
Planroom Folder This is the folder where On-Screen Takeoff stores image files downloaded from a Planroom or DFS. This is also the folder to which On-Screen Takeoff copies images when using the Bid Wizard.
Default: C:\OCS Documents\OST\
Image Cache Folder When exporting a Bid to a Bid Package with Images, this is where On-Screen Takeoff temporarily stores the image files for inclusion in the package.
Default: C:\OCS Documents\OST\Cache\
Package Folder When creating a Bid package, this is the folder where On-Screen Takeoff creates the OSP file by default.
Default: C:\OCS Documents\OST\
Update Location Folder Allows a company's IT department/Network Administrator to control when their users receive update notifications (this effectively blocks On Center Update Notifications, however Marketing Notifications will still come through).
Default: Blank

Cloud Storage

Many of our clients have asked us if they can store their images, databases, etc. in 'the cloud' using a service such as Google Drive, OneDrive/SkyDrive (Microsoft), or DropBox. The short answer is that it is not recommended although some of our customers use the programs in this fashion. Keep in mind, the way some of these services work places a temporary "lock" on files so those files can be uploaded periodically to the 'cloud'. While this is acceptable for a word processing document or a photo, a live database should not be stored in this manner. Access-type databases set/remove file locks on the file to protect it from anyone, any program, from interfering with a user's ability to read-write to the database - if another application or utility places locks on the Access database files, this could cause problems with your software, including corrupt databases and crashes.

You are more than welcome to store your Backups in a cloud-synchronized folder, in fact, we recommend it!  Just set the "Backups" folder to your cloud drive and the backup copies of your databases will be safe and sound.

Please see CLS - Can I Use "Cloud" Storage? for more information storing your data in the Cloud.

If you really want to take advantage of what the Cloud offers, check out ConstructConnect Takeoffhttps://www.constructconnect.com/takeoff-estimating-software.

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