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OST - 09.03 Copying, Pasting, and Moving Takeoff

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Copying and Pasting Takeoff Objects

Use Copy and Paste to apply previously drawn takeoff to other regions on a page, to a different page, or even to a different Bid (or child bid). When pasting takeoff to another page, the takeoff must fit on the page. Set the scale on the page to which you are pasting takeoff the same as the scale from the page from which it was copied, see Related articles for more information on setting and verifying scale.

When copying or moving takeoff to/from Alternates and Change Orders, you can use the Bid View tab in the Conditions Window to select the Base Bid, Alternate, or Change Order (there is no need to return to the Bids Tab).
There is no need to create the Condition(s) in the Bid, Alternate, or Change Order in which you are pasting objects - On-Screen Takeoff does that automatically during the pasting process.
Copying takeoff to a page that is not scaled the same as the original is not recommended because the program may not be able to re-size/re-scale objects. Copying/pasting should only be done between like-scaled pages. See Related articles for more information on Scale.

First, select the object or objects you want to copy. See previous articles for a refresher on selecting takeoff objects.


  • Right-click to bring up the Context Menu and select Copy, or
  • Click the Copy button on the Main toolbar, or
  • Press <Ctrl> <C>

Navigate to location (if not in current view), page, or project where you intend to paste the copied takeoff

  • Right-click for the Context Menu and select Paste or,
  • Click the Paste icon from the Main toolbar, or
  • Press <Ctrl> <V>

Then, position the takeoff by dragging/nudging it into desired location

If the page on which you are trying to paste takeoff is orientated or scaled differently, On-Screen Takeoff may not be able to paste the takeoff and will generate an error message explaining why. Make sure the pages (to/from) are set to the same scale, are the same size, and are orientated (rotated) the same way, then try pasting again.

How On-Screen Takeoff Pastes Takeoff

Standard Pasting Rules

  • If the paste command is activated multiple times without moving the mouse pointer, each successive pasted object is placed slightly below and to the right of the previous object. If there is insufficient room (bottom-right corner of image, for example), the takeoff is stacked - one on top of another.
  • If takeoff is pasted to a different page, the takeoff is pasted in the same relative location as the original takeoff on the original page, provided the page size and orientation (rotation) is the same.

Intelligent Pasting

Intelligent Pasting is a feature that can help you paste objects multiple times. You enable this feature in Tools > Options, "Enable Intelligent Pasting".

When Intelligent Pasting is enabled,

  • The object or objects are pasted in the last position of the mouse cursor when the paste function is selected. If there is insufficient room to paste the object(s), because the mouse pointer is too close to an edge for example, the takeoff is pasted as close as possible to the mouse pointer.
  • If you move a piece of pasted takeoff relative to the original copied takeoff, On-Screen Takeoff adjusts where successive pastes occur and lines up the objects relative to the new alignment.
  • If you move a piece of pasted takeoff into the 'snap zone' of the original object, the program will 'snap' the pasted object to align better with the original (vertically or horizontally).
  • Anytime you move a pasted object (immediately after pasting it) you are prompted with a notice that subsequent pastes will automatically align, in a relative position. Relative Pasting works with Count, Linear, and rectangular Area takeoff objects.

Repositioning and Nudging Objects

To reposition a takeoff object:

Click the Select tool

Click on the object you want to move to select it (the takeoff object is highlighted in yellow)  

When the move cursor displays:

  • Click and hold the mouse or stylus to move the object to the desired location
  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to make minor adjustments (nudge) to the takeoff object's position
  • Attachment objects can only be moved with the confines of the parent object, they cannot be moved off the parent object (even to another parent object). To attach an object to a different parent, delete the Attachment object and then re-draw it on the correct parent object.
  • By default, Linear objects are restricted from lateral (side-to-side) movement. To change this, click Tools > Options and remove the check mark from "Restrict Lateral Movement of Linear Objects".

 Simplifying Area Takeoff Objects Copying and Pasting Area Backouts

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