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OST - 06.06 Drawing Count Takeoff (Using Count Conditions to Measure Fixtures, Columns, Footings, Stairs, etc.)

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Count Conditions quantify things such as footings, columns, fixtures, lights, and other items that are normally considered stand alone objects - those measured using Each. Although drawn as a solitary 'each' object, On-Screen Takeoff can calculate several different results including volume, square footage, etc. based on the Condition Properties. See Related articles for more information on setting up Count Conditions.

Count objects are taken off one of two ways: Manual (below) and Auto Count (next article).

Manual Count

You can place Count objects on your plans one at a time.

  • Select a Count Condition from the Condition List
  • Click on the image at each location where the object exists - the quantity results update in the Conditions Window

If you know the the quantity of Count items for a project, (the plan indicates how many times this count object occurs, for example), you can enter this value on the Worksheet Tab, see Related articles for more information.

Dropping one Count object at a time fine if you are taking off one or two Count objects on a plan, however, if an object repeats 5, 10, or even 100 times a plan, it's so much easier to let On-Screen Takeoff do the hard work for you. Use Auto Count to takeoff an entire plan's worth of Count objects in seconds.

 Drawing Area Backouts (cutting out some of an Area) Drawing Count Takeoff using Auto Count

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