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OST - 03.09 Copying and Pasting Bids from One Database to Another

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You can copy bids from one database to another (for example, if your company migrates from Microsoft Access to SQL, or you create a new database for a new business year). You have to have both databases open to copy Bids. See Related articles for more information on managing your open databases. Although it is possible to copy and paste a Bid within the same database - it is much easier to duplicate (covered in a later article).


We recommend against Moving Bids (cutting/pasting) - we suggest that you copy and paste your Bid wherever you want it, make sure the copy is perfect, then go back and delete the original. It's just better to be safe than sorry.

Never move a bid that is connected to Quick Bid - it may cause the Quick Bid estimate to be permanently deleted. Copy the bid to the new database, then, using Quick Bid, make sure the Quick Bid estimate is connected to the new On-Screen Takeoff bid. See the Quick Bid User Guide for details on reconnecting a bid.

Copy a Bid from One Database to Another

  • Click File > Open - the Open Database dialog box opens
  • Make sure there is a checkmark in the to and from databases, then click OK (this "opens" the databases)

  • If the database folder is collapsed, expand it so you can see the existing bid
  • Using the mouse, click on the bid and drag and drop it from the originating database to the new database

You can select multiple bids to copy to a new database using the <CTRL> and <SHIFT> keys.


If you prefer, you can use the keyboard shortcuts <Ctrl> <C> and <Ctrl> <V> or the Copy and Paste buttons on the toolbar to quickly copy/paste Bids from one database to another.

  • Click Yes or Yes to All in the Copy Verification window

Once the copying begins, a Status window appears showing the progress of the copying Bid(s).

If necessary, go back and delete the bid(s) from the original database (after making sure the Bid is correct in the new database).

General Housekeeping
Over the years, we've developed some guidelines and suggestions for the best way to manage your Bids and Databases. Please see CLS - Best Practices and CLS - Organizing Your Projects and Bids (including Moving your data to a new Computer).

 Use Auto NameCopying and Pasting Bids from One Database to Another 

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