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QB - 09.06 How eQuote Works

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Below is a step-by-step guideline for how eQuotes work.

  1. First, the estimator prices the Bid - eQuotes should only be sent once all Conditions are built fully and your Materials list has been reviewed and any container rounding/waste factor changes made.
  2. The estimator adds Items to the eQuote, selects a Supplier(s), and sends the eQuote (see the next few articles for details).
  3. The estimator receives a confirmation that the eQuote was delivered to the Supplier. This e-mail is sent to the e-mail address listed for the "Lead Estimator" in the Quick Bid Cover Sheet.
  4. The Supplier receives a notification with a custom URL (Web address) accessible by clicking the link in the e-mail. This e-mail is sent to the e-mail address listed for the Supplier in its Contact record. Only the recipient of the e-mail, with the unique URL, can access the eQuote and only information necessary to identify the Bidding Company and Contact, Project, and Materials is included with the eQuote request. Your e-mail address is not included in the eQuote request - if you wish to provide your contact information, you can contact the Supplier directly.
  5. The Supplier fills out the Web form with pricing, notes, minimum order quantities if applicable, and 'good thru' dates. The Supplier then submits the information - they are given one opportunity to cancel submittal if they need to modify pricing - once the Supplier submits the eQuote, they can no longer modify the quoted pricing.
  6. The URL (Web link) the Supplier receives is only valid once - once the Supplier submits his or her pricing, that URL is no longer valid.
  7. The eQuote server sends a confirmation to the Supplier acknowledging that the pricing information was received along with a recap of the pricing they submitted and an XML file that contains the project and pricing information they can import into their systems.
  8. The eQuote server sends an e-mail back to the estimator with a *.qbq file attached which contains the Supplier's pricing. Again, this e-mail is sent to the e-mail address listed for the "Lead Estimator" in the Quick Bid Cover Sheet.
  9. Upon receipt of this e-mail, while Quick Bid is running, the estimator double-clicks the attachment (the *.qbq file).
  10. Quick Bid imports the pricing information into the appropriate Bid for review.
  11. The estimator reviews the eQuote pricing he or she received, and potentially accepts all or part of one or more eQuotes.

When exporting a Bid that contains eQuotes via a Bid Package, previously created eQuotes are included however, after you import that Bid Package into the same or a different database, you must resend any eQuote requests to vendors. Any outstanding eQuote requests/replies are linked to the database/bid from which they were sent.
An Item can be added to only one eQuote within a Base Bid (including Alternates) but can be added to different eQuotes within a Bid and multiple Change Orders (because Change Orders hold their own Material Pricing, where Alternate share Material Pricing with the Base Bid).
Once you create/send an eQuote, do not change the name of the project or database or move the project to another database or folder as Quick Bid will not be able to import the Supplier's pricing.

 Using eQuotes To Request and Manage Material PricingCreating (Starting) an eQuote

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