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QB - 06.03 Creating Interactive Bids

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All Bids, Alternates, Change Orders, Conditions, Bid Areas, and Typical Areas are created in On-Screen Takeoff, so be sure you have OST installed and licensed.

Be sure to review the previous article carefully before you start working in Interactive Bids.
Before you Create an Interactive Bid
  • Make sure both programs are installed and licensed (Quick Bid shows 'est' and On-Screen Takeoff shows 'tko' (at least) in the bottom right corner). Please review the information in the Related articles for help with licensing your software.
  • Verify that Bid Tab filters are cleared in both programs. If you've set a Bids Tab filter in either program, the programs may be unable to create Bids properly.
  • Make sure the Database in which you want to create the interactive Bid is open in Quick Bid and that you have rights to create a Bid.

Creating the Bid

Create a new Bid in On-Screen Takeoff (or access an existing On-Screen Takeoff project), and while the Cover Sheet is open, click the "Price Using" drop down. You can review the OST User Guides here: On-Screen-Takeoff-Professional/User-Guides .

Select either Price Using Quick Bid (interactive) (Recommended) or Price Using Quick Bid (manual).

  • Quick Bid Interactive sends Condition information from On-Screen Takeoff to Quick Bid over in real time and requires Quick Bid to be open whenever you have the Bid open in On-Screen Takeoff.
  • Quick Bid Manual requires you to manually update the projects. This can be done in either program by pressing the F9 key on the keyboard.

After you set the "Quick Bid" Pricing Method, a new field displays to the right named Database.

Click on the Lookup button and select the Quick Bid database where the Quick Bid project is to be created.

Only databases that are currently available to Quick Bid are shown in this dialog box. To create a Bid in a different database, first create or open that database in Quick Bid, then return to On-Screen Takeoff.

Once the database is highlighted, click Select.

Click OK on the On-Screen Takeoff Cover Sheet.

If Quick Bid is not running On-Screen Takeoff prompts to open it. If you choose not to open Quick Bid, OST cannot create the companion Quick Bid project and the On-Screen Takeoff bid will be set to "Manual". When you have Quick Bid open and licensed, you can set this Bid to "Interactive" and the Quick Bid side will be created.

Click OK and the On-Screen Takeoff Cover Sheet closes and a companion Quick Bid project is created in the selected database.

Now, the On-Screen Takeoff Bids Tab displays a small blue Quick Bid mini-icon next to the Bid that is linked to Quick Bid.

In Quick Bid, a small green On-Screen Takeoff mini-icon displays next to the Bid that is linked to On-Screen Takeoff.

If you receive an error stating you do not have "rights" to create the Bid, make sure you have cleared any Bid Filters in both programs, that Quick Bid is licensed properly, and that you have "Full Access" to the Bids List if your company uses Quick Bid security. See Related articles for more information.

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