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QB - 05.08 The Item Details Sizing Tab: Overview and Video

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The Sizing tab defines how Quick Bid converts Item Quantity (based on the Calculation tab) into usable Material values or standard containers.

Continuing with our previous example,

Reminder, our wall is 10' long and the Height of that wall is 8', so our Item Quantity is 80SF.

But can you buy 80SF of Paint?  Not really, but let us say you know that a gallon of Paint covers 80SF. (For now, we are assuming a perfect world where there is no Waste, just to make it a littler easier to understand what the Sizing Tab does).

Using the settings on the Sizing tab, Quick Bid converts the calculated Item Quantity (SF) into an industry-standard Container such as a quart, gallon, 5 gallon, etc. Likewise, when pricing metal or wood studs, the Condition probably starts with a linear footage measurement (birds' eye), but you need to account for the vertical studs (this is done on the Calculation Tab, previous article), and then you have to convert that overall linear measurement into something you can order from your Supplier, usually by the stud or bundle of studs. 

The Sizing Tab tells Quick Bid how to convert the Item quantity into something you and your supplier can work with.

Sizing can be a little confusing at first, so take your time reading the articles that follow, watch the video, and contact On Center if you have questions about how to setup Sizing (click Training > How Do I...? in the product). 

Keep in mind, the purpose of setting up Sizing is to convert an Item quantity (derived from the Calculation tab settings) to a usable Container that makes sense to you and your Suppliers.

First up, let's take a quick look at the various Sizing Methods. 

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