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Table of Contents

Getting Started with Digital Production Control

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Congratulations on choosing Digital Production Control (DPC). Let's get started!

We assume you have installed the application and logged in. If not, review the most current Installing and Licensing DPC.

On the left side of this page, find links to:

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Below, you'll find a few videos and links to key articles to help you get up-and-running quickly. The links open in a new tab or window so this article stays open, the videos are embedded in this article and should play, just click the play button start embedded video button.

Learning Goal

This "Getting Started" article is not intended to be all-encompassing training nor should you consider the User Guide and Training Videos as a replacement for true product training. If you want to get the most out of your software investment, it pays to invest a little time in training yourself and your team so you don't waste time trying to figure out everything on your own. Contact your account manager to schedule training today.

Rather, our goal for this overview is to give you a very brief introduction to Digital Production Control if you have never used it.

We want you to be super-successful using Digital Production Control so if you have any questions, please Contact Us (using the link above). No question is "dumb" - the nature of the product makes it a little complex and it can seem overwhelming if you are new to it, especially if you haven't used On-Screen Takeoff before, so don't hesitate to call us, we're here to help!

DPC uses several "Tabs" to provide access to different program functionality. When you first open the program, only the Bids Tab is active. When you select a bid on the Bids Tab, the other Tabs become active (this is called "opening a bid").

Along the top of the program are the Program Menus and Toolbars. The menus are always visible, so is the "Main Toolbar". Different Tabs include different Toolbars - don't worry, all this is covered in detail in the User Guide, for now, we're just going to give you a quick walk-through.

What is DPC and What Do You Do with It?

DPC is a powerful project tracking tool designed to allow a Project Manager (usually in the home office) to share projects with the Foreman (at the job site). But that's only part of it, as the job progresses, the Foreman (or foremen) and the Project Manager send and receive project updates to track:

  • Changes to the Project/Scope
  • Percent Complete
  • Labor Used

The way the program is used varies significantly if you are Project Manager or a Foreman. We've put together several "Quick Start Guides" and videos that should help your company get the most out of its software investment.

Project Managers

So, you've already taken off and priced your job using On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid and now, you're ready to send that job to the field. 

Before you do that, there's a little housekeeping you need to do:

Once that's done, you are ready to send the job to the site:


First, you probably received an e-mail indicating that the Project Manager sent you a project through Project Express. You'll need to install and license DPC before you can begin, see the link at the top of this overview for details. 

Next, you need to register for Project Express and download your project:

Now that the project is on your computer, you can start managing it.

The Basics of Project Management

 link to options article
Tracking What's Been Built
 Link to product release notes
Tracking How Much Labor It Took
 link to product FAQs
Send Updates to PM
 link to options article
Keeping an Eye on the Budget
 link to options article
Roll with the Changes

Remember, this Getting Started overview only scratches the surface of Digital Production Control and is not intended to be a replacement for formal product training. Please contact your Account Manager to schedule formal training at your earliest convenience.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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