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On-Screen Takeoff (Released: 08/14/2019) - OST DPC

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On-Screen Takeoff

New Features

  • You can now customize the appearance of the full-screen takeoff "crosshairs" by setting the thickness and color.
  • Added "Sheet No." field to Cover Sheet, Auto Naming dialog box, and Page Navigator.
  • Added option to show/hide the Page Number (the Page's position in the grid) and the Sheet No. (whatever you specify) in the Page Navigator.
  • Added ability to zoom in/out in the Auto Naming dialog box.
  • Added notification to the Image Tab advising the user when they are viewing a PDF that has not been converted to TIFF.


  • Added a button to Cover Sheet that opens the "Best Practices" article regarding Auto Naming.
  • Removed the option to convert PDFs to TIFFs on the Cover Sheet.
  • Add option to launch the application from the final screen of the installer.
  • Changed the "Enable Color PDFs" option to "Disable high resolution images" and disabled option by default (so all images will display, by default, in color at higher resolution).
  • Links in the MyOnCenter Tab now open in your default internet browser, not hard-coded to Internet Explorer.
  • Disable the "Change Folder" button when the Pages selected are not stored in the same folder (which prevents the function from working).


  • Index #'s that end in "0" could not be entered in the Cover Sheet Pages grid.
  • Adding a child bid on the Bids View tab in the Conditions Window caused all folders to expand on the main Bids Tab.
  • User could change the Style of a Condition that has been used to draw takeoff by typing in the Style box.
  • Auto Naming suggestions sometimes included invalid characters.
  • The Num Lock key toggles when user clicks to link a result to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • If Quick Bid has access levels enabled, users could not create interactive bids in OST.
  • Resizing a column in the Conditions list did not resize the header, just the column data. 
  • Numerous other minor bugs, never reported by users.

Known Issues

  • You cannot upgrade to 3.96 directly from version 3.94 or earlier. You must install OST 3.95 (available on the Product Information and Downloads Page, see Related Articles). Once installed, open any databases you use and upgrade to 3.95. Then, you can install the 3.96 upgrade. We are working to resolve this issue.
  • Licenses keys that fail to activate (no licenses available, invalid code, cannot connect), are removed from the historical list drop-down. 

Digital Production Control


  • None

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