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OST, DPC, and QB User Guides for Unsupported Versions

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Below are links to old version user guides. These are not guaranteed to work in modern browsers. These user guides are very old, were created when Internet Explorer dominated the web, and are no longer maintained and likely contain outdated or incorrect information.

Here's a better solution...

Have the customer upgrade to the latest version of OST. There are many features customers missing out on such as:

  • Additional functionality on the Bids Tab (changing status, seeing Estimator, Job No. and Status filters)
  • Improved Project Express
  • Auto-Naming - let On-Screen Takeoff analyze Plans and provide Sheet Number and Sheet Name suggestions
  • Set a Linear takeoff object to a 3-point (Bezier) curved line
  • Dozens of additional Count shapes
  • Ability to set a flag on each Page to "Mark Takeoff Complete"
  • Drawing Annotations, Named Views and Hot Links along with Setting Scale in the 2nd (aka "View") Window
  • Using a 3rd View Window to see details of a 3rd Page
  • Updated "MyOnCenter" Tab shows more information and updates more regularly to give the customer product news, tips, and company updates

Years and years of bug fixes! Check out the Release Notes for newer versions to see everything we've added and fixed!

Some of these user guides may not work correctly as their technology is no longer supported by modern browsers.

On-Screen Takeoff (OST)

 OST 3.93.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost393/ost3930.html
 OST 3.92.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost3920/ost3920.html
 OST 3.91.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost3910/ost3910.html
 OST 3.9.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost390/ost390.html 
 OST 3.8.3.xx & 3.8.2.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost383/ost383.html
 OST 3.8.1.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost381/webframe.html
 OST 3.8.0.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost380/webframe.html
 OST 3.7.0.xxhttps://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost370/webframe.html
 OST 3.6.x https://kbase.oncenter.com/app_man/ost362/ost362.htm 

Digital Production Control (DPC)

Select your version below (the user guide will open in a new browser tab). - Released 3/5/2018 - Released 4/7/2017 - Released 5/10/2016 - Released 11/4/2015 - Released 8/6/2015 - Released 2/15/2015 - Released 1/20/2014 - Released 8/5/2013 - Released 2010  - Released 2009

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Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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