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EMP - Searching kBase (Employee Version)

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There are two ways to search in the new kBase, inline and full-text search.

Inline Search

Very much like searching in NetSuite's OmniSearch box, if you let the program work for you, you will likely find what you need quickly.

Start typing in the Search box and kBase will search Article Titles for a match. This is the recommended method for searching because it is faster and more predictable, and your results list will be shorter.

Let us search for "sql" and see what pops up...

next article

Wasn't that easy? The inline search is super-fast and, as long as the editor has done his or her job titling the article; you should be able to find whatever you are looking for instantly.

BTW, if you are looking for an article that pertains to a particular Product (Quick Bid, On-Screen Takeoff, Enterprise License Manager), use the "Prefixes" listed below and one or two key words to find the article you need. For example, if I was looking for the installation instructions for OST, I could type "ost, install" or "ost install"...

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With minimal typing and within a second or two, kBase found the exact article you needed.

Full-Text Search

Now, if you click the Search button next article after typing in a search word or phrase, kBase searches Articles, Titles, and Content. Then provides a ranked results page:

next article

This is a more comprehensive search, so you may have to scroll/navigate through several pages of results to find the correct article.

Search Tips

When typing a search term in the Search box - you will see a list of 'quick find' results, these are articles that contain the search term in their Title.  If you click the search button, after entering a search term or phrase, the system searches Titles and Content (you will see more results).

Search through all the content in OCS Knowledge Center for subjects that interest you.

Restrict your search to one or more products or to one version of a product.

Set filters to define your own personal search preferences (using Advanced Search).


When searching, you can use a "prefix" to narrow your search. There are Product prefixes (that help identify what product or product line an article relates to) and Employee/Internal prefixes that allow you to search for articles only customers can see. These prefixes, used with the inline search, help kBase find the article you need.

Public Prefixes

  • ALL - Applies to all products
  • CLS - Classic Products (general, common, shared)
  • DPC - Digital Production Control
  • OST - On-Screen Takeoff
  • CPV - Classic PlanViewer
  • QB - Quick Bid
  • CLM - Classic License Managers
  • VLM - Enterprise License Manager (Virtual Server Edition specific)

Employee/Internal Prefixes

  • APP - Internal, business application such as NetSuite, kBase, the phone system, or Microsoft Office.
  • INT - Internal Only - used after a Product prefix (such as CLS (INT)) to identify that a product-related article is for employee-use only and not visible to customers.
  • EMP - Employee - used in conjunction with a Team (department) prefix (such as EMP (SUP)) to identify the article as being "owned" by a particular Team. Some "Team" articles are visible only to that Team's Team Members (such as Team policies or hidden procedures), while others are simply published by a particular Team but visible to all Employees (many IT-Infrastructure and Support articles are owned by those Teams, but viewable by all Employees).
  • EHBK - Employment Handbook - this is the official Team Member Handbook of policies for On Center Software.


  • ALL - applies to all Teams
  • ACCT - Accounting
  • CUST - Customer Success
  • DOC - Documentation/Knowledge Management
  • EXEC - Executive
  • ENG - Engineering (Development and  Quality Assurance)
  • ITI - Information Technology and  Infrastructure
  • MKTG - Marketing
  • PNC - People and  Culture (formerly known as "Human Resources")
  • PMO - Project Management/Product Management
  • SALES - New Sales
  • SLT - Senior Leadership Team
  • SUP - Support
  • TRNG - Training

Prefixes are followed by the version number, if applicable, for the version to which the article applies.  Let us say you were looking for an article regarding On-Screen Takeoff v.3.94 - maybe Conditions...

Type in "OST" and "Condition" which limits the inline search to the keyword "Condition".

Don't hit the Search button, we allow kBase to search titles for what we typed in and the search locates seven articles.  

next article

Now, if the inline search is not finding what you need, that means your keywords aren't in the Title of any articles.

Click the Search button and kBase searches Titles and article Content.

Your results list will be much longer. On the Results screen, or even before you get to Results, you can click "Advanced Search" which allows you to limit your search to whichever Categories you want to search.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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