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Quick Bid (1/20/2014) - QB

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New Features

  • Windows 8 compatibility
  • MAC compatible using virtualization software (such as Parallels) and Boot Camp
  • New Enhanced Secure Licensing method – No Dongle Key required
  • Global Find and Replace for several Master Tables to facilitate database clean-up
  • On the Materials Tab, you can now Replace (Swap) one Material for another – this replaces the material everywhere it is used in the Bid.
  • Subs are now shown on the Markups Detail similar to Equipment and Other Expenses
  • Create Maxwell System Job Budget Summary Export (rename existing “Detailed”)


  • SQL Performance Improvements
  • Reformat Purchasing Report Export
  • Auto Compress default to Once a week
  • Full product version included with activation request – this allows OCS to better serve you


  • All “Windows Users” employees are synchronized during database synchronization
  • User can reset Tools > Options default settings from within current view
  • Metric Bid displays correct Units in the Material Tab when Item uses No Sizes and Item UOM is not EA
  • Metric Bid displays correct “Requested” value in eQuote when Item is priced by “Piece”
  • Adjusted calculation to correctly display container price when using Material Total of a Linear Item
  • Changing the Sizing Method of an Item retains previously configured values on the Calculation tab
  • Supervision and Per Diem costs derived from Stock and Clean costs display correctly on the Labor Tab
  • User can print Reports after adding a Project Contact
  • Server/Database name capitalization no longer affects interactivity
  • Metric databases display appropriate Material Price on Condition Assemblies
  • Change Order numbers up to 50 characters are supported
  • Adjusted metric calculations when using Condition Assemblies
  • Per Diem Amount when using Duration Supervision displays correctly in reports
  • Master List > Items column header sort icons display correctly
  • Accepting a previously-accepted eQuote prompts to update the Master
  • On center Exception formula works in Metric databases
  • User can now export Maxwell System Budget File with Accepted Alternates
  • Job Material File displays correct information for included Alternates

Known Issues

  • In the Section Markup report, values greater than six characters are displayed as "XXXXXXX" . The work-around is to EXPORT the report to PDF or Excel, the values are there correctly, they just aren't displayed correctly within Crystal Reports' screen (#32633).
  • The Bid Total and QuickSum displays are not updating properly. All bid information IS CORRECT, however these 'quick views' are currently not working properly (#33788 and #32580).
  • (Interactive Bids) After deleting a duplicate condition and duplicating the original again within On-Screen Takeoff, the duplicate condition doesn't calculate prices within Quick Bid. (#32357).
  • When using the “Duplicate and reassign” function within On Screen Takeoff, original Condition(s) quantities may not be cleared in Quick Bid (#33879).

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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