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Quick Bid (7/1/2010) - QB

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New Features

  • Add Production Columns to the Labor Tab
  • Add ability to export the Job Budget file for the following Accounting packages:
    • Jonas Accounting Export
    • Maestro Budget Export and Job Material File Export
    • StarBuilder/StarImport Accounting Export
    • ComputerEase Accounting Export
  • Create a new Totals Table to support third party, customized reports
  • Add option to import Excel based quantity survey information into Conditions List

Things you should know

  • Showing Production in the Labor Tab breaks a Labor Cost Code by Item Code
  • Labor Tab column settings (sort, column width, column location) are independent when Production Shows and when Production is Hidden
  • On Labor Tab, when last row is updated, focus moves to the first row of the next column
  • On Labor Tab, when updating a field, if next row is blank (read only), focus moves to first editable field in next row
  • Changing production of cost codes that, rearranges the cost code rows with same item code based on the Qty/hr values


  • Quick Bid displays the eQuote details when a bid is in a folder
  • Open Databases dialog "Open" column can be sorted
  • QuickBooks Exports distributes Burden
  • Unit Cost UOM is persistent when Condition information or Quantity Result is changed
  • Entering Negative Quantities does not impact successive data entry
  • Program remains authorized correctly
  • Checking or unchecking 'Group by Areas' applies that setting to the selected export only
  • Metric databases calculate correctly when height is 0
  • Metric databases display units required correctly on Materials tab
  • Simplified the Contact Import process

Known Issues

Ref # - Description
  • TT#13321 - Other Totals are not displayed on Cost per Sq. Size, Labor Risk and Payroll Reports. TT#13321 (New issue, broken in this version)
  • TT#13351 - Section Indirect Expenses are deleted when Others or Equipment data uses same section
  • TT#13355 - Checking 'Include accepted alternate sections' on Markup Dialog incorrectly recalculates Labor Tax/Burden. Refresh issue, clicking ok on the markups dialog then re-opening displays correct values
  • TT#13349 - Updating Condition Quantity for a multi-area condition filtered by Area does not calculate Item Detail Quantities correctly. Refresh issue, closing and re-opening the condition displays the correct quantities
  • TT#13314 - Open Database ‘Size’ column sort order does not follow displayed ascending/descending arrow
  • TT#13340 - Resetting Default Options with production showing on the Labor Tab incorrectly resets view
  • TT#13343 - Unit Cost in Condition tab not updating when condition changes result quantity type (UOM) in OST
  • TT#13330 - Labor Tab, Area Filter not working correctly for (unassigned). Refresh issue, changing to another bid and back, restores filter
  • TT#13335 - Cost code Filter in the labor tab does not show all the codes in the bid after using area Filter. Refresh issue, changing tabs, restores filter
  • TT#13352 - Bid Date Not Updating or Displaying on a Change Order Bid Summary Report

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