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VLM 1 - 07 Reserving Licenses for Specific Machines

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Enterprise License Manager allows the Network Administrator (or whoever manages the license manager) to reserve a license for a particular feature or features for a particular machine.  Normally, licenses are issued on a First Come, First Served basis, however, especially with Digital Production Controlâ„¢, this may not provide the desired licensing to the correct user.


Company A uses Enterprise License Manager for 5 On-Screen Takeoff and 1 DPC licenses.

Because On-Screen Takeoff and Digital Production Control share a common authorization process and opening On-Screen Takeoff automatically checks for all available features including DPM and DPC, the first user signing into On-Screen Takeoff would automatically pull a TKO and the DPC license from the License Manager.  The 2nd person authorizing would only get a TKO license - even if this is the Project Manager who needs the DPC license.

Enterprise License Manager can reserve the DPC license for the user or user(s) who need them.

Reserving licenses is an exclusive function - if a user's machine is not on the Reserve List for a license type, they cannot pull that license, even if licenses are available.  Reserving is not used to 'set aside' a single license for a specific user (such a manager).  If a specific user must be guaranteed access to a license, they should be provided with a standalone activation code.

Important Things to Consider

Features are reserved to a specific machine, not to a user or login name

On Center recommends that all DPM and DPC licenses be reserved for the machines on which they are required so they are not inadvertently pulled by users needing TKO only

Reserving a License

In this example, the license manager is servicing 5 OST (TKO) licenses and 1 DPC license.  We want to reserve the DPC license for two workstations.  Although only one of those machines can use the license at a time, this reserve list ensures that the DPC license will not be issued to any machine not on the list.

Remember, If a machine is not listed in the "Reserve List" it will never be able to grab a license for the Reserved feature, even if there is a license available.  The Reserve List is exclusive - if you are not on it, you are not allowed to license that feature.

To reserve a license for a specific machine,

Open Enterprise License Manager Activation Utility by double-clicking the icon on the desktop (not the LMAdmin Management Console), the interface opens showing current license information

Click Reserve > Reserve Features, the Reserve Features dialog box opens

The Reserve Features dialog box shows a list of all features available and the license count for each feature.

Select the Feature (license 'type') for which you want to create a Reserve list

Click the Reserve Feature button, the Reserve <feature> Licenses dialog box opens - the title bar shows the feature and count

Click the Add Computer button, the Select Computers dialog opens

Enter the computer name in the "Enter the object names..." field in this dialog box or click Advanced... to search for a particular machine

Once the computer name is entered, click the OK button (one computer is added to the Reserve list at a time)

The machine is added to the Reserve list for the selected feature

Now, any user activating the program from that machine, (in this example, QATECH1W8) will receive a DPC license (or whatever license type you specify) if there is one available.  If other machines from the Reserve list are already using all available licenses, the user is advised that no licenses are available.  The Reserve function does not guarantee the user will receive a license, it simply excludes any machine not on the list from using that reserved feature.  So, even though there are is only 1 DPC licenses available there can be one, two, or twenty machines in the Reserve list.

Repeat this process for additional machines and features

Once all Reserve lists are created, perform a "Re-read License File" in LMAdmin, see Related articles for more information.

Removing a computer from the Reserved list

From the Enterprise License Manager Activation Utility, click Reserve > Reserve Features, the Reserve Features dialog box opens

Select the feature from the list and click Reserve Feature

From the Reserve <feature> Licenses dialog box, select the computer to remove

Click Remove Computer

Click Close to return to the Reserve Feature dialog box and repeat for any other features

Re-read the licenses files under Vendor Daemon Configuration

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