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On-Screen Takeoff (11/17/2016) - OST DPC

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On-Screen Takeoff


  • Allow user to change Job Status from Bids Tab (via context menu)
  • Display Estimator column on the Bids Tab
  • Add Job No. and Job Status filters to Bids Tab
  • Add Overlay control toolbar to Image Tab


  • Automatically size the Auto Count results dialog box to show up to results without scrolling (dialog box can be resized by user now also)
  • Replace Darken and Enhance buttons on the Image toolbar with an Adjust Images button that allows more options and changes can be applied to all pages
  • Add ability to apply custom scale to all pages, default Set Scale dialog box to 'custom'
  • Add Reassign Takeoff button to Conditions list so it is easier to find
  • Restructure Help and Training options to make them easier to locate
  • Move Request Feature, Request Support, and How Do I... buttons to Help menu
  • Replace locally-installed, static help file with links to Online User Guide


Reference/Case # - Description

  • 254413 - Shape annotations do not print at set line width
  • 247090 - Copy Selection causes an error
  • 143125 - Negative counts inside a Typical Group cause incorrect Typical Group Markers to be selected
  • 25839 - Importing a Bid Package from Project Express causes all folders to expand on the Bids Tab
  • 240320, 239353, 237660, 237212 - Delete takeoff is enabled when bid is locked
  • 247000 - Auto rectangular area and Auto Count do not work when switching Mouse button for left hand use
  • 186449 - Focus Redirecting Incorrectly in Bid Areas Window
  • 19926 - Print Previewing or Printing Worksheet Tab cuts off the end of the Total ($) column
  • 19360 - Moving multiple, touching Zones is difficult
  • 183584 - Grouping by Zone on the Takeoff Tab shows "Unassigned" when using Segment Count and Slope
  • 240351 - Resizing a backout makes it disappear
  • 221812, 175843, - An empty zone causes performance issues when drawing takeoff
  • 257909 - Maximizing the View window does not persist
  • 189196 - Q2 and Q3 are not showing on Worksheet Tab when the condition has Qty 1 Result
  • 260866 - Zooming in on a Typical Group Marker on a hidden Layer causes takeoff to be displayed
  • 45 - Copying and Pasting takeoff and then switching back and forth between pages generates an error
  • 269143 - Export Takeoff Tab to csv does not export correct quantities on Typical Groups
  • 291105 - Custom tab Add/Delete buttons are out of the viewable area

Known Issues

  • In the original build (02) drawing Area takeoff near the Image Window's boundaries causes the takeoff object to close or cancel rather than panning the image. As of 12/7/2016, On Center has posted an updated installer (build 15) and this issue is resolved. Build 02 is rescinded.

Digital Production Control


  • Allow DPC-Foreman to use Annotation Tools (must flip to Takeoff Mode first)
  • Add Remaining Hours column to Budget Tab (calculated based on Estimated hours, not Earned hours)
  • Add ability to multi-select Labor Cost Codes (for percenting) on tablet and touch computers
  • Allow DPC Foreman and Project manager to add Notes to Budget Tab rows


  • Add Labor Code Description column to Timecard LCC panel


  • Budget Graph (Budget Tab) includes Accepted Change Order data when the option to "Roll up Base Bid and Change Orders" is checked.

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