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VLM 1 - 04.01 Returning (Deactivating) ELM (Virtual) License Codes

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To activate a license code (or codes) on a different server the licenses must first be returned (deactivated) from the current server. An active Internet connection is REQUIRED and the vendor daemon (oncenter.exe) must be running to return (deactivate) an Authorization Code so you can activate it on another server.


It is your company's responsibility to manage your Activation Codes and license utilization - On Center Software cannot revoke a borrowed license. On Center is unable to restore a license to your server that an employee borrowed - you will simply need to wait until it expires naturally. On Center cannot return licenses codes for you, you must return them before they can be activated on a new server.

Activation Codes cannot be returned if any licenses are borrowed against the Flexera lmadmin service (floating licenses do not affect returning/activating, only Borrowed licenses do). Return is not permitted even if you are trying to return a TKO code but an EST license is borrowed or even if there are borrowed licenses against lmadmin for some other company's license manager. It is your responsibility to work with your end users to get them to return their product licenses to the server - you can see who is using licenses (floating and borrowed) in LMAdmin, see the next chapter.

To return an Activation code

Open Enterprise License Manager by double-clicking the icon on the server's Desktop

Highlight the Code in the Activated Codes box and right-click on it (select all codes by clicking on the first code in the list, hold down the <Shift> key and click the last code in the list)

Click Return - Enterprise License Manager will:

Check to verify that the vendor daemon (oncenter.exe) and LMAdmin are running,
  • Check to see if any licenses are borrowed (remember, this includes any licenses for any products managed by Flexera's technology), if any licenses remain borrowed (for any feature, even if they are not On Center's products), the return process is cancelled,
  • Send this Activation Code (or codes) back to On Center Software and delete the 'fulfillment" from your server
    • Repeat for all activated codes - returning one code does not return others.

      You can now activate the code(s) on a different server.

      Recently Activated Codes

      The last several, previously-activated codes remain in the Activation Code dialog box so they can quickly be reactivated quickly if necessary.

      See ELM and ELM-Virtual Server Edition Activation Issues and CLS - Licensing (Authorization) Issues for licensing troubleshooting tips.

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