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VLM 1 - 02 Installing ELM (on a Virtual Server)

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Before installing Enterprise License Manager, be sure the hardware meets System Requirements and read through these instructions thoroughly.

  • Do not attempt to install ELM without reading this documentation carefully. Failure to follow these instructions, as written, may result in a non-working installation.
  • Enterprise License Manager-Virtual Server Edition cannot be installed on a physical server although the LMBind utility must be installed on a physical machine.  If you need to install ELM on a physical server, you will need the Physical Edition of the software - contact Support for assistance.
  • You must uninstall any previous license manager provided by On Center Software before installing Enterprise License Manager.  ELM will not run if there are components leftover from a previous installation of Flexera software using older technology (such as lmgrd).  
  • You will likely have to reboot your virtual server to clear out all files that were 'in use'.
  • Review the System Requirements and install all Windows Updates (rebooting the machine, if necessary to complete the installation of those updates).
  • You must stop all Flexera-powered license managers that use LMAdmin (v.11.12) before installing ELM (components that are 'in use' cannot be updated by our installer and will not be configured correctly).
  • ELM is compatible only with Flexera technologies that use LMAdmin - if your license manager uses LMGARD, you will not be able to install ELM on the same machine.
  • You must identify a physical machine on your network on which you can run LMBind.  The LMBind machine must be on the same network as the virtual server and must remain running at all times with the LMBind process running at all times.  No LMBind=a non-working License Manager.  LMBind cannot run in a virtual environment or on any physical machine that allows multiple, concurrent connections.


Virtual Server

There are two separate installations performed on the virtual server (they must be installed in the proper order)...

  • The first package installs the "FlexNet Publisher License Server", a utility that manages communication between the license manager service and the vendor daemons.  If your company already uses another license manager based on Flexera's LMAdmin (11.12 or higher), this can be skipped.
  • The second package installs On Center Software's "Enterprise License Manager" which consists of two main components:
    • A utility used to communicate with On Center's licensing servers to activate and validate licenses.  This utility is comprised of the Activation Utility (which is accessed from the desktop) and a component that runs as a Windows Service named "OCS ELM Transport Service" (ocslmtran.exe) that provides a mechanism for the Activation Utility to communicate with On Center's licensing servers.
    • The Vendor Daemon (oncenter.exe) - a small executable that communicates with the LMAdmin software to manage licenses.

During installation, the Enterprise License Manager installer attempts to locate LMAdmin in the default directory - if not found the administrator must identify the location where this file resides on the server.  On Center Software recommends installing all components in their default locations (makes finding them easier).

After installing the Enterprise License Manager on your virtual server, you'll need to replace a configuration file before the activation utility will be able to contact our servers. We explain that in detail in the installation instructions.

Physical "Binding" Machine

After installing the license manager components on the virtual server, you must install the LM Binding Agent on a physical machine.  The exact machine could be your hosting server if it is VMWare ESX or Microsoft HyperVisor but it could be any machine on the same network as your virtual server with 100% up-time.  After you've selected the "binding machine" and configured the LM Binding Agent on that machine, you will generate a Host ID, and then you can continue with the installation/configuration of Enterprise License Manager.

The oncenter.exe daemon (the component that approves/manages On Center's licenses) will not run if it cannot communicate with the LMBinder utility running on the "binding machine" (the daemon will shut down if the connection to that binding machine is terminated).  Follow the troubleshooting in ELM and  ELM-Virtual Server Edition Activation Issues for help with LMBind/ELM connectivity issues.

    Download the Files


    There are two components to ELM, "LMAdmin" which is shared by other companies who use Flexera's license manager technology, and "On Center's ELM-Virtual Server Edition" which includes our "vendor daemon" and Activation Utility.  If the server on which you are installing ELM already has LMAdmin or higher installed, you can skip that download and just install ELM-Vse. There is also a configuration file that needs to be replaced, also linked below.

    Download ELM-VSe Installer (Required)

    Configuration File Update (Required)

    Download Flexera LMAdmin (Optional - if your server already has v. or higher, you do not need to install)

    Save these files to a convenient location.

    The installation process is detailed in the articles that follow.  Please follow the instructions in order, exactly as documented.

    On Center Software's Technical Support team is here to help with installing Enterprise License Manager should you experience any difficulties.  If you follow the instructions, you shouldn't end up in the weeds - installation will take 10 to 20 minutes typically.

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