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Enterprise License Manager Not Starting Automatically When Server Reboots (lmadmin not installed as service during initial installation) - ELM

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When you restart the server on which Enterprise License Manager is installed, the license manager is not automatically starting up.


There are two reasons that the license manager may not be restarting:

  • lmadmin was not installed "as a service" during installation
  • lmadmin was not configured properly so it cannot locate the vendor daemon (oncenter.exe)

The solution below explains how to correct both of these issues.


If LMAdmin was NOT configured 'as a service' during the installation of Flexnet Publisher lmadmin (the first part of the ELM installation process), you will need to correct this.

Open an Admin command prompt (right-click on "Command Prompt" in Programs > Accessories and select "run as Admin") and enter the following commands (hit <Enter> after each line):



cd "C:\Program Files\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager" (32 Bit OS) OR

"C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager" (64 Bit OS)

lmadmin -installservice lmadmin


You will need to manually start the lmadmin service one time but going forward, it will automatically start after you reboot your server.

If LMAdmin is starting (you can log into localhost:8090) but the vendor daemon does not automatically start, open a Command Prompt and enter the following commands:



cd "C:\Program Files\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager" (if you are installing on a 32 Bit OS) OR

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager" (if you are installing on a 64 Bit OS)

lmadmin -import "C:\Program Files\On Center Software\Enterprise License Manager\licenses\oncenter\LicenseFile.lic" (32 Bit system) OR

lmadmin -import "C:\Program Files (x86)\On Center Software\Enterprise License Manager\licenses\oncenter\LicenseFile.lic" (64 bit system)


This configures the lmadmin service so it can launch the vendor daemon automatically.

Follow the instructions for RESTARTING the license manager: Restarting License Manager

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