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Licensing Classic Products Released Before 12/01/2017 using an Activation Code - OST QB DPC

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After you've installed On-Screen Takeoff, Digital Production Control, or Quick Bid, to use the full features of the program, such as the ability to perform takeoff, make changes to conditions or master items, or set percents, the product must be licensed with a valid activation code. This is known as being authorized or authorization. This articles explains how to activate a license code which is a 25 character key associated with your product license. See the Related article for assistance with using a network (License Manager) license.

When the product is not authorized, a message in the bottom right corner of the program shows "no license". In On-Screen Takeoff, this is called "PlanViewer" mode. There is no supported 'No license' mode for Quick Bid or Digital Production Control.

The screenshots below show On-Screen Takeoff, however activating Digital Production Control and Quick Bid follow the same steps.

To license your product, you need:

  • Authorization code - a unique twenty-five character key provided by On Center Software that identifies the license
  • Internet access - to activate the license your computer must be able to communicate with On Center Software's licensing servers (activation is performed over Port 80 and the license is validated over Port 8888)

  • An active Internet connection is required to activate your license. After the first activation, and at approximately 30 day intervals, an Internet connection is required to validate the license. Validation is performed in the background and no user intervention is required unless the program cannot communicate with On Center's licensing servers.
  • After 30 days, if the product is unable to validate its license via Internet, the license is removed from your computer.
  • If you are trying to install a Classic Product in any virtual environment (VMWare, Virtual PC, Parallels, etc.), you can not use stand-alone (single) Activation codes. You can only license Classic Products using a Floating licenses from Enterprise License Manager. Also, if a machine runs software or is configured in a way that might permit multiple concurrent user logins, you are prevented from using stand-alone (single) Activation codes. See Related articles for more information.

Activating Your License

Click File > Check Authorization

If the "Local" tab is not accessible, you may be accessing the product from a virtualized operating system or via remote access (Citrix, Remote Desktop Control, etc.). Use of the product in any virtualized or distributed environment requires a "networked" license, managed by Enterprise License Manager.

Enter the Authorization Code provided by On Center Software in the box and click Activate- the program sends this Activation Code to On Center Software's authorization system to validate it (case does not matter)

Once validated, the code will be added to the "Codes" list and the licensed Features are listed:

And a confirmation prompt indicates the activation was successful

The Check Authorization dialog box shows 'tko', 'dpc', or 'dpm' and 'sro' in the All Licenses in Use section although the bottom right corner of the application will not update until the Check Authorization dialog box is closed

  • tko - Takeoff mode license, activates Professional mode (On-Screen Takeoff)
  • dpc - Digital Production Control Foreman license (Digital Production Control)
  • dpm - Digital Production Control Project Manager license (Digital Production Control)
  • est - Estimating (Quick Bid)
  • sro or srq - Services mode, provides access to Project Express, eQuotes, and other advanced features

The Product, Version, Client ID, and OCS ID fields are populated based on the activation code used.

The authorization status in the bottom right corner of the application does not update until the Authorization dialog box is closed. Also, if you activate a code that only supports a version of the Classic Product you've installed, the code will activate but no license will be applied to the software because the license is good for that earlier version.

Enter the Authorization Codes for any additional features to activate and follow the steps above (each Feature, such as tko, dpm, and dpc-foreman require separate Activation Codes)

Click Close to close the Check Authorization dialog and apply the license(s) to the application

When you close the Check Authorization dialog box, your activated Features display in the bottom right of the application (the Status Bar) - this indicates that the program is properly authorized and ready to use (you may not own all features, tko is the most common - it unlocks takeoff mode).

Common Reasons for Authorization Failure

  • Incorrect Authorization code (typed incorrectly, inactive/blocked, already activated)
  • No Internet connection (required to activate and to validate licenses)
  • Firewall blocking Internet communication (both ost.exe and fnplicensingservice.exe must be exceptions - Ports 80 and 8888)
  • Product installed in a virtual environment - must use Enterprise License Manager, this is by design, Classic products released prior to April 2018 did not permit use of a local license (or a borrowed network license) when the products were installed in any virtual or multi-user environment. Versions released after April 2018 employ a new licensing technology that permits this licensing.
  • Attempting to activate a code for a different product (you cannot activate a Quick Bid license through On-Screen Takeoff)
  • Attempting to activate a code that has already been activated - check with whoever manages activation codes for your company to ensure you are using the correct code
If you access an "interactive" Bid while unlicensed, you will break the interactive connection. Please see QB - 06.03.03 Connecting and Disconnecting Interactive Bids for instructions on reconnecting.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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