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Quick Bid Release Notes (1/13/2008)

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New Features

  • Added Bid Area information to Timberline (JCE) export file
  • New option to Save As Default has been added to Indirect Expenses dialog
  • New eQuote feature to request, track, store, and award Material Quote Requests
  • Added options to Import and Export Bid Packages
  • Added Print and Copy options in the Typical Areas dialog
  • CSI MasterFormat 2004 specification compliance
  • Added ability to modify Indirect Expenses for the entire bid
  • Typical Areas have been added to the Area filter on the Condition Tab
  • New Production Updated column to the Labor tab
  • Now able to perform Labor Overrides in the Markup Detail by settings a Labor Override option in Payroll Settings
  • Added ability to resize Cover Sheet dialog
  • New Ignore Width and Depth Feature for EA conditions


  • Suppliers are correctly displayed in Vendor Quote Sheet
  • Correct item is selected after selecting/deselecting multiple items
  • An item sized using Styles can now update the Master
  • Users can update Master items payroll information in a shared database
  • "Ignore width-depth" works correctly on changing non-interactive bid to interactive from On-Screen Takeoff
  • Indirect Expense cost codes remain visible when visible when changing the cost of an item on the Labor tab from 0 to any value
  • Labor codes are displayed for all Indirect Expenses, including Supervision
  • Opening the Check Authorization dialog box doesn't delete the current license file
  • On-Screen Takeoff icon in Bid navigator is removed when an interactive bid is disconnected in Quick Bid
  • Tooltips open on the correct monitor in a dual-display setup
  • Condition details do not change on renumbering conditions in Quick Bid for an interactive bid (Required On-Screen Takeoff 3.6.2)
  • Added ability to resize Cover Sheet dialog.
  • Major improvements to QB and OST interaction (Requires OST 3.6).
  • Now have the ability to change printers in the print dialog in Vista.
  • Added more space and word wrapping to fields on the Subs, Equipment, and Others tab printouts.

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