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On-Screen Takeoff (8/14/2007) - OST DPC

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New Features

  • Set a custom zoom percentage and return to it with one button click using the new Custom Zoom feature.
  • Improved panning options. You can now “bump” the view to the mouse position by clicking the pan window or can move the window by double clicking it.
  • Reset the Image Legend back to its default setting with the newly added Image tab context menu option.
  • New option within area condition properties allows you to disable the display of an area takeoff’s pattern while drawing.
  • In Options, the Show Right Angle line indicator and Connect Linear Takeoff choices have been added as optional preferences.
  • Image tab print preview now displays the current view as the default option.


  • You can now change printers in the print dialog within Windows Vista.


  • Synchronize On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid faster.
  • Benefit from improved performance when moving between tabs in the program.
  • Enjoy faster duplication of conditions within interactive bids.
  • Take advantage of improved performance of takeoff copy/ paste features.
  • Improved bid duplication performance, which also prevents drastic database increases.

Warnings/Confirmations added

  • Warning when copying takeoff to a page that was set up with a different scale.
  • Now receive verification messages when deleting conditions.
  • A warning will now be triggered when attempting to update your database to an unlicensed version.
  • A warning will be triggered if you have a takeoff that is off the visible page.
  • New delete message on conditions list.

Image Handling

  • Convert the current page to a TIFF file with the new Convert to TIFF command in the image menu.
  • Improved pasting takeoff. Takeoff copied from an object not in view will paste in top left corner of Plan View window.
  • Improved PDF support. (OST now reads PDF files without converting them.)
  • CPC files are now automatically converted to TIF without the CPCTool prompt.


  • Fixed the 3.3 issue pertaining to scrolling for users on a Windows Vista operating system.
  • Fixed the 3.3 issue with the print Image legend on some printers.
  • Fixed the 3.4 issue with the scale drop down not being enabled.
  • Fixed the 3.4 issue with folders in the Conditions List not remaining consistent from open to close of OST.
  • Fixed the 3.4 issue in which the Annotation Toolbar was not enabled if the user didn’t have a license.
  • Fixed the 3.4 issue with Group by Pages not working on Takeoff tab. Adjusted the 3.4 issue in which the Takeoff tab was not listing the typical areas first when Grouped by Area selected. Also, your Typical Areas will not have a subtle grey background color on the Takeoff Tab
  • Fixed the 3.4 issue where some DWF files were not loading with correct page size/scale.

Digital Production Control (DPC) Pre-Release


  • Improved performance. Quickly switch between image and budget tab when not changing percents or work date.
  • Status bar and object tooltip now display budgeted and remaining labor hours for all selected DPC objects.
  • Production Quick View window now has ability to move or be hidden from view.
  • Labor Cost Code Panel has been updated to provide you with an easy way to select objects at various completion levels.
  • Continuous roping feature allows you to select DPC objects that are not adjacent.
  • The Timecard tab has been improved for easier data entry and readability.
  • You can now manage your screen layout in DPC mode with the ability to move toolbars and windows. Like how your screen is laid out? Lock the toolbars in your preferred location.
  • Added feature that forces entire bid package to be sent if the bid was unlocked and updated.
  • Cost Code description now displays in Labor Cost Code list.
  • The timecard calendar now displays all dates.
  • Adjusted the 3.3 issue of DPC object blinking when selecting a Labor Cost Code on a previous date.

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