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Compare ConstructConnect Takeoff, On-Screen Takeoff (OST), and PlanViewer - OST PV CCTO

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By upgrading to On-Screen Takeoff Professional or ConstructConnect Takeoff, estimators, project managers, and foreman gain access to features designed to improve takeoff speed, retain and organize data, and share projects with others.

Feature Comparison

Capability/Feature PlanViewer On-Screen Takeoff
ConstructConnect Takeoff™
Takeoff and Measurements 
Measure Linears, Areas, and Counts  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Generate multiple quantities based on measurements     ✓  ✓ 
Save takeoff quantities     ✓  ✓ 
View Legend of Condition Quantities per Page     ✓  ✓ 
Price Material and Labor     ✓  ✓ 
Creates Alternates and Change Orders     ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Create and Save Conditions     ✓  ✓ 
Assign Takeoff to Layers and Areas     ✓  ✓ 
Toggle Existing Layers on and off  ✓    ✓   ✓ 
Create new Custom Layers     
Choose between popular Work Breakdown Schedules        ✓ 
Use Typical Takeoff to speed up takeoff process     ✓  ✓ 
Use Zones to breakout takeoff quantities     ✓    
Duplicate and Reassign Takeoff to Different Conditions     ✓  ✓ 
Use IntelligentPaste to speed up takeoff process     ✓    
Use Advanced Pasting Controls 
Takeoff multiple Condition at the same time     ✓  ✓ 
Takeoff curved areas        ✓ 
Copy and Paste Area Backouts 
Digitizer Support  ✓  ✓    
Plan Organization 
Download plans from supported Planrooms  ✓  ✓    
View plans in color   ✓  ✓  ✓
View raster images (tiff, cal)  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
View vector and CAD images  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
View photo images (jpg, png, bmp)  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Organize and match up numerous drawing revisions 
Compare Revisions using Overlay feature     ✓  ✓ 
Compare multiple Revisions using Overlay feature        ✓ 
Annotation Tools 
Add text to the drawing  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Using electronic ink to markup drawing     ✓  ✓ 
Highlighter tool  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Create Hot Links and Named Views     ✓  ✓ 
Create Punch Lists and Punch Items        ✓ 
Stamps annotation        ✓ 
Attach a file directly to drawing        ✓ 
Turn Image Legend on and off       
Ungroup, move, or edit the Image Legend       
Allow multiple estimators to work on takeoff concurrently        ✓ 
Allow employees within Organization to see each other's work     ✓  ✓ 
Share Bids with other users via Project Express     ✓    
Export Bid to sharable file     ✓  ✓ 
Export Bid to Quick Bid     ✓  ✓ 
Export Takeoff Quantities to Excel or CSV     ✓  ✓ 
Export Priced Condition Quantities to Excel or CSV     ✓  ✓ 
Link Condition Quantities direct to Excel     ✓  ✓  
Interactively work with Quick Bid     ✓    
Store work 'in the cloud' for access anywhere     ✓* ✓ 
Share bids between home office and field     ✓  ✓ 
Manage Project in Digital Production Control (DPC) 
View project in any web browser

*You can store a backup of your database in any Cloud storage service such as OneDrive or GoogleDrive and then restore that on a different computer.


Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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