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Can I Use "Cloud" Storage with Classic Products? - OST QB DPC

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Can I store my images, databases, or backups in Dropbox™, Onedrive™, Google Drive™, etc.?


ConstructConnect offers a cloud-based Takeoff solution - check out ConstructConnect Takeoff for more information. 

For our on-premises, Classic Products (On-Screen Takeoff®, Quick Bid®, Digital Production Control™)...

  • Images - you should have no problem but make sure you set your entire Plan folder to be available "Offline" (so a local copy is always available) - see your vendor for assistance. Also, if you are converting a large number of files, some cloud-services may update too slowly and will cause the image converter in OST to fail (remember, OST puts the "Converted" folder in the original file location).
  • Databases - at this time, On Center Software's Classic products (On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, Digital Production Control) do not support storing database in 'the cloud', even if there is a local copy on the hard drive. Most 'cloud' services place "locks" on files briefly when they update them - this can cause problems with the program because the program will temporarily be unable to use a database. You could lose information or the program could stop responding. That being said, we have many users who store their databases in Microsoft's OneDrive - just remember, there is a risk so be sure you perform and test regular backups.
  • Backups - this is a great method to employ 'off-site' backups! Just change the "Backups Folder" in Tool > Options > Folders to the local folder that is synchronized with your cloud-service.

What about Virtual Servers?

You may store SQL databases and Plans/image files on a Virtual Server provided your workstation and whatever server you are using for storage is on the same network. Connecting to an offsite server, over the Internet, will not work reliably.

If you run into problems, please remember, our Classic product line was not designed to support 'cloud' storage. You are responsible for any troubleshooting and configuration, On Center does not provide technical assistance of any kind for these scenarios. On Centers cautions you to make sure your information is backed up properly in case something happens to your files/data.

Options to setup database and bid sharing are included in each products' Help File/Online User Guide. Also, review the Related articles for more information on Best Practices and SQL recommendations.

Product documentation (user guides) describes functionality in the latest version of each major release and may not match the functionality in the version you are using. Please check the Product Information and Downloads pages by clicking one of the product buttons above.

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